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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
130-Nov-2020100 days on: the primary care response to COVID-19 in Singapore.LIOW YIYANG ; LOH WENG KEONG VICTOR ; YOUNG DORIS YEE LING 
21-Aug-2023Antibiotic treatment failure of uncomplicated urinary tract infections in primary careKoh, Sky Wei Chee ; Ng, Tracy Si Min; Loh, Victor Weng Keong ; Goh, Jun Cong; Low, Si Hui; Tan, Wei Zhi; Wong, Hung Chew ; Durai, Pradeep; Sun, Louisa Jin; Young, Doris ; Tambyah, Paul Anantharajah 
32-Mar-2023COVID-19 vaccination strategy in Singapore: perspectives and lessons from primary care.Koh, Sky Wei Chee ; Loh, Victor ; Liow, Yiyang ; Leong, Choon Kit ; Young, Doris 
415-Dec-2022Effectiveness of the chronic care model for adults with type 2 diabetes in primary care: a systematic review and meta-analysisGoh, Lay Hoon ; Siah, Chiew Jiat Rosalind ; Tam, Wilson Wai San ; Tai, E Shyong ; Young, Doris Yee Ling 
52020How does multimorbidity affect middle-aged adults? A cross-sectional survey in the Singapore primary healthcare settingSim, S.Z.; Koh, H.L.; Lee, S.P.S.; Young, D.Y.L. ; Lee, E.S.
61-Feb-2020Liver fibrosis and CD206<sup>+</sup> macrophage accumulation are suppressed by anti-GM-CSF therapyTan-Garcia, A; Lai, F ; Sheng Yeong, JP; Irac, SE ; Ng, PY; Msallam, R ; Tatt Lim, JC; Wai, LE; Tham, CYL; Choo, SP; Lim, T; Young, DY ; D'Ambrosio, R; Degasperi, E; Perbellini, R; Newell, E; Le Bert, N ; Ginhoux, F ; Bertoletti, A ; Chen, Q; Dutertre, CA 
79-Nov-2023Personalised Care-and-Support-Planning in Singapore: Qualitative interviews with people living with diabetesLazarus, Monica ; Yew, Tong Wei ; Tan, Wee Hian; Venkataraman, Kavita ; Valderas, Jose Maria ; Young, Doris Yee Ling ; Shyong, Tai E ; Weng Keong, Victor Loh 
82020The Patient Activation through Community Empowerment/Engagement for Diabetes Management (PACE-D) protocol: A non-randomised controlled trial of personalised care and support planning for persons living with diabetesTan, W.H.; Loh, V.W.K. ; Venkataraman, K. ; Choong, S.T.; Lew, Y.J. ; Sundram, M. ; Tsou, K.; Tan, S.G. ; Gibbons, Brent ; Entwistle, V. ; Young, D. ; Tai, E.S. ; Yew, T.W.