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Yong Mong Bee


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18-Mar-2024Hospital readmissions for fluid overload among individuals with diabetes and diabetic kidney disease: risk factors and multivariable prediction modelsJiashen Cai ; Dorothy Huang; Hanis Abdul Kadir; Zhihua Huang; Li Choo Ng; Andrew Ang ; Ngiap Chuan Tan ; Yong Mong Bee ; Wei Yi Tay ; Chieh Suai Tan ; Cynthia, C. Lim 
22018Low-dose levothyroxine reduces intrahepatic lipid content in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and NAFLDBruinstroop E. ; Dalan R. ; Cao Y. ; Bee Y.M. ; Chandran K.; Cho L.W. ; Soh S.B.; Teo E.K. ; Toh S.-A. ; Leow M.K.S. ; Sinha R.A. ; Sadananthan S.A. ; Michael N.; Stapleton H.M.; Leung C.; Angus P.W.; Patel S.K.; Burrell L.M.; Lim S.C. ; Sum C.F.; Velan S.S. ; Yen P.M.
323-Dec-2021Spillover Effects of COVID-19 on Essential Chronic Care and Ways to Foster Health System Resilience to Support Vulnerable Non-COVID Patients: A Multistakeholder StudyYoon, Sungwon; Goh, Hendra; Chan, Angelique ; Malhotra, Rahul ; Visaria, Abhijit ; Matchar, David ; Lum, Elaine; Seng, Bridget ; Ramakrishnan, Chandrika ; Quah, Stella ; Koh, Mariko S ; Tiew, Pei Yee ; Bee, Yong Mong ; Abdullah, Hairil ; Nadarajan, Gayathri Devi ; Graves, Nicholas ; Jafar, Tazeen ; Ong, Marcus EH 
46-Aug-2021The Pre-Diabetes Interventions and Continued Tracking to Ease-out Diabetes (Pre-DICTED) program: study protocol for a randomized controlled trialYeung, Kar-Fu; Gandhi, Mihir ; Lam, Amanda Yun Rui ; Julianty, Selly; Chia, Alvin Yeow Meng; Tan, Gilbert Choon Seng ; Goh, Su-Yen ; Ho, Emily Tse Lin ; Koh, Angela Fang Yung ; Tan, Gavin Siew Wei ; Shum, Eugene Jin Wen; Finkelstein, Eric A. ; Jafar, Tazeen H. ; Teoh, Yee Leong; van Dam, Rob M. ; Whitton, Clare ; Thumboo, Julian ; Bee, Yong Mong