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Stella R Quah
Quah, S.R.
Quah, S.

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12004A tale of two cities: Community psychobehavioral surveillance and related impact on outbreak control in Hong Kong and Singapore during the severe acute respiratory syndrome epidemicLeung, G.M.; Ho, L.-M.; Ho, S.-Y.; Hedley, A.J.; Lam, T.-H.; Quah, S. ; Lee, H.-P. 
21992AIDS and us: are we failing to prevent a highly preventable disease?Quah, S.R. 
31995Beyond the known terrain: Sociology in SingaporeQuah, S.R. 
42014Caring for persons with schizophrenia at home: Examining the link between family caregivers' role distress and quality of lifeQuah, S. 
52009Community psycho-behavioural surveillance and related impact on outbreak control in Hong Kong and Singapore during the SARS epidemicLeung, G.M.; Quah, S. ; Ho, L.M.; Ho, S.Y.; Hedley, A.J.; Lee, H.P.; Lam, T.H.
62004Crisis Prevention and Management during SARS Outbreak, SingaporeQuah, S.R. ; Hin-Peng, L.
72018Disability, Illness and Health Risks: Public Health and Epidemiology ApproachesQuah, Stella R 
82003Ethnicity and Parenting Styles Among Singapore FamiliesQuah, S.R. 
91990Family Sociology in Southeast AsiaQuah, S.R. 
102002Food groups and the risk of colorectal carcinoma in an Asian populationSeow, A.; Nyam, D.; Quah, S.R. ; Straughan, P.T.; Chua, T.; Aw, T.-C.
112005Four sociologies, multiple rolesQuah, S.R. 
121994Global Cities and Local Communities: A Comparative Analysis of Singapore and Hong KongQuah, S.R. 
1311-Nov-2009Health and CultureQuah, S. 
141981Health Policy and Traditional Medicine in SingaporeQuah, S.R. 
151-Feb-2021Improving Psychological Comfort of Paramedics for Field Termination of Resuscitation through Structured TrainingBang, Chungli; Mao, Desmond Ren Hao; Cheng, Rebacca Chew Ying; Pek, Jen Heng ; Gandhi, Mihir ; Arulanandam, Shalini ; Ong, Marcus Eng Hock ; Quah, Stella 
16Dec-2008In pursuit of health: Pragmatic acculturation in everyday lifeQuah, S.R. 
172008International encyclopedia of public healthQuah, S. ; Heggenhougen, K.
1816-Jan-2017International Encyclopedia of Public Health: Second EditionQuah,Stella R ; Cockerham, W.C.
192000On Consensus, Tensions and Sociology at the Dawn of the 21st CenturyQuah, S.R. ; Sales, A.
2021-Mar-2017Partnership: The missing link in the process of de-institutionalization of mental health careQuah,Stella R