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11-Nov-2021Early induction of hepatic deiodinase type 1 inhibits hepatosteatosis during NAFLD progressionBruinstroop, E ; Zhou, J ; Tripathi, M ; Yau, WW ; Boelen, A; Singh, BK ; Yen, PM 
28-May-2019Inhibiting Interleukin 11 Signaling Reduces Hepatocyte Death and Liver Fibrosis, Inflammation, and Steatosis in Mouse Models of Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis.Widjaja, Anissa A ; Singh, Brijesh K ; Adami, Eleonora ; Viswanathan, Sivakumar ; Dong, Jinrui ; D'Agostino, Giuseppe A ; Ng, Benjamin ; Lim, Wei Wen ; Tan, Jessie ; Paleja, Bhairav S; Tripathi, Madhulika ; Lim, Sze Yun; Shekeran, Shamini Guna ; Chothani, Sonia P; Rabes, Anne; Sombetzki, Martina; Bruinstroop, Eveline ; Min, Lio Pei; Sinha, Rohit A; Albani, Salvatore ; Yen, Paul M ; Schafer, Sebastian ; Cook, Stuart A 
32018Low-dose levothyroxine reduces intrahepatic lipid content in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and NAFLDBruinstroop E. ; Dalan R. ; Cao Y. ; Bee Y.M. ; Chandran K.; Cho L.W. ; Soh S.B.; Teo E.K. ; Toh S.-A. ; Leow M.K.S. ; Sinha R.A. ; Sadananthan S.A. ; Michael N.; Stapleton H.M.; Leung C.; Angus P.W.; Patel S.K.; Burrell L.M.; Lim S.C. ; Sum C.F.; Velan S.S. ; Yen P.M.
418-Mar-2021MED1 mediator subunit is a key regulator of hepatic autophagy and lipid metabolismJin Zhou ; Brijesh Kumar Singh ; Jia-Pei Ho ; Andrea Lim; Eveline Bruinstroop ; Kenji Ohba; Rohit Anthony Sinha; Paul Michael Yen 
51-Sep-2019Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and Hypercholesterolemia: Roles of Thyroid Hormones, Metabolites, and AgonistsSinha, Rohit A ; Bruinstroop, Eveline ; Singh, Brijesh K ; Yen, Paul M 
61-Aug-2020Thyroid Hormones and Thyromimetics: A New Approach to Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis?Sinha, Rohit A ; Bruinstroop, Eveline ; Singh, Brijesh K ; Yen, Paul M