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Wing Yiu Winifred Yau
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12011Cardiogenol C can induce Mouse Hair Bulge Progenitor Cells to Transdifferentiate into Cardiomyocyte-like CellsYau, W.W.Y ; Tang, M.K; Chen, E; YaoYao, Stem Cell and Regeneration Thematic Research Programme, School of Biomedical Sciences, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, Hong Kong; Wong, I.W.C; Lee, H.S.S; Lee, K.K.H
24-Feb-2021CD10 marks non-canonical PPAR?-independent adipocyte maturation and browning potential of adipose-derived stem cellsChakraborty, Smarajit; Ong, Wee Kiat; Yau, Winifred W. Y. ; Zhou, Zhihong; Bhanu Prakash K.N.; Toh, Sue-Anne ; Han, Weiping; Yen, Paul M. ; Sugii, Shigeki 
321-May-2021Chronic cold exposure induces autophagy to promote fatty acid oxidation, mitochondrial turnover, and thermogenesis in brown adipose tissueYau, Winifred W ; Wong, Kiraely Adam ; Zhou, Jin ; Thimmukonda, Nivetha Kanakaram ; Wu, Yajun ; Bay, Boon-Huat ; Singh, Brijesh Kumar ; Yen, Paul Michael 
41-Nov-2021Early induction of hepatic deiodinase type 1 inhibits hepatosteatosis during NAFLD progressionBruinstroop, E ; Zhou, J ; Tripathi, M ; Yau, WW ; Boelen, A; Singh, BK ; Yen, PM 
52013Silencing BRE Expression in Human Umbilical Cord Perivascular (HUCPV) Progenitor Cells Accelerates Osteogenic and Chondrogenic DifferentiationChen E.; Tang M.K.; Yao Y.; Yau W.W.Y. ; Lo L.M.; Yang X.; Chui Y.L.; Chan J.; Lee K.K.H.
613-Sep-2018Thyroid hormone (T3) stimulates brown adipose tissue activation via mitochondrial biogenesis and MTOR-mediated mitophagyWinifred Wing Yiu Yau ; Brijesh K Singh ; Ronny Lesmana; Jin Zhou ; Rohit Anthony Sinha ; Kiraely Adam Wong ; Yajun Wu ; Boon Huat Bay ; Shigeki Sugii ; Lei Sun ; Paul Yen 
72016Thyroid hormone stimulation of autophagy is essential for mitochondrial biogenesis and activity in skeletal muscleLesmana R., Sinha R.A. ; Singh B.K. ; Zhou J. ; Ohba K.; Wu Y. ; Yau W.W. ; Bay B.-H. ; Yen P.M.