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Sugii Shigeki
Sugii, S.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jun-2013Adipose-derived stem cells: Fatty potentials for therapyOng, W.K.; Sugii, S. 
22018Amenable epigenetic traits of dental pulp stem cells underlie high capability of xeno-free episomal reprogrammingThekkeparambil Chandrabose, S; Sriram, S; Subramanian, S; Cheng, S ; Ong, W.K; Rozen, S ; Kasim, N.H.A; Sugii, S 
32017Diffuse Optical Spectroscopy and Imaging to Detect and Quantify Adipose Tissue BrowningDinish, U.S; Wong, C.L; Sriram, S; Ong, W.K; Balasundaram, G; Sugii, S ; Olivo, M
42019Fast Adipogenesis Tracking System (FATS) - A robust, high-throughput, automation-ready adipogenesis quantification technique 10 Technology 1004 Medical BiotechnologyYuan, C; Chakraborty, S ; Chitta, K.K; Subramanian, S; Lim, T.E; Han, W ; Bhanu Prakash, K.N; Sugii, S 
52017MIR-524-5p of the primate-specific C19MC miRNA cluster targets TP53IPN1-and EMT-Associated genes to regulate cellular reprogrammingNguyen, P.N.N; Choo, K.B; Huang, C.-J; Sugii, S ; Cheong, S.K; Kamarul, T
62019Oxidative stress mediates depot-specific functional differences of human adipose-derived stem cellsSriram, S.; Yuan, C.; Chakraborty, S.; Tay, W.; Park, M.; Shabbir, A. ; Toh, S.-A. ; Han, W.; Sugii, S. 
72016Segmentation and characterization of interscapular brown adipose tissue in rats by multi-parametric magnetic resonance imagingBhanu Prakash K.N.; Verma S.K.; Yaligar J.; Goggi J. ; Gopalan V.; Lee S.S.; Tian X. ; Sugii S. ; Leow M.K.S. ; Bhakoo K. ; Velan S.S. 
82017Selective activation of miRNAs of the primate-specific chromosome 19 miRNA cluster (C19MC) in cancer and stem cells and possible contribution to regulation of apoptosisNguyen, P.N.N; Huang, C.-J; Sugii, S ; Cheong, S.K; Choo, K.B
913-Sep-2018Thyroid hormone (T3) stimulates brown adipose tissue activation via mitochondrial biogenesis and MTOR-mediated mitophagyWinifred Wing Yiu Yau ; Brijesh K Singh ; Ronny Lesmana; Jin Zhou ; Rohit Anthony Sinha ; Kiraely Adam Wong ; Yajun Wu ; Boon Huat Bay ; Shigeki Sugii ; Lei Sun ; Paul Yen 
102014Towards a mechanistic understanding of lipodystrophy and seipin functionsWee, K; Yang, W; Sugii, S ; Han, W 
111-Apr-2020Trxlp, a thioredoxin-like effector from Edwardsiella piscicida inhibits cellular redox signaling and nuclear translocation of NF-kappa BSayed, Ahmed; Chakraborty, Smarajit ; Leung, Ka Yin ; Sugii, Shigeki ; Mok, Yu Keung