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Han Weiping
Han, W.
Hana, W.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12015Acetylome analysis identifies SIRT1 targets in mRNA-processing and chromatin-remodeling in mouse liverKim S.-Y.; Sim C.K.; Tang H.; Han W. ; Zhang K.; Xu F. 
22016An alternative strategy for pan-acetyl-lysine antibody generationKim S.-Y.; Sim C.K.; Zhang Q.; Tang H.; Brunmeir R. ; Pan H.; Karnani N.; Han W. ; Zhang K.; Xu F. 
32011An inhibitory effect of extracellular Ca 2+ on Ca 2+-dependent exocytosisXiong W.; Liu T.; Wang Y.; Chen X.; Sun L.; Guo N.; Zheng H.; Zheng L.; Ruat M.; Han W. ; Zhang C.X.; Zhou Z.
42009FoxO1 inhibits leptin regulation of pro-opiomelanocortin promoter activity by blocking STAT3 interaction with specificity protein 1Yang, G.; Lim, C.-Y.; Li, C.; Radda, G.K.; Han, W. ; Li, C.; Cao, X. 
52008Impaired insulin secretion and glucose intolerance in synaptotagmin-7 null mutant miceGustavsson, N.; Kostromina, E.; Radda, G.K.; Han, W. ; Lao, Y.; Maximov, A.; Sudhof, T.C.; Chuang, J.-C.; Li, C.; Repa, J.J.
613-Apr-2010Linking type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer's diseaseHana, W. ; Lic, C.
72017Narciclasine attenuates diet-induced obesity by promoting oxidative metabolism in skeletal muscleJulien S.G.; Kim S.-Y.; Brunmeir R. ; Sinnakannu J.R. ; Ge X.; Li H.; Ma W.; Yaligar J.; Bhanu Prakash K.N.; Velan S.S. ; R�der P.V.; Zhang Q.; Sim C.K.; Wu J.; Garcia-Miralles M. ; Pouladi M.A. ; Xie W.; McFarlane C.; Han W. ; Xu F. 
82010Neuronal calcium sensor synaptotagmin-9 is not involved in the regulation of glucose homeostasis or insulin secretionGustavsson N.; Wang X.; Wang Y.; Seah T.; Xu J.; Radda G.K.; Südhof T.C.; Han W. 
92010Reduced body weight and increased energy expenditure in transgenic mice over-expressing soluble leptin receptorLou P.-H.; Yang G.; Huang L.; Cui Y.; Pourbahrami T.; Radda G.K.; Li C.; Han W. 
102017Regulation of white and brown adipocyte differentiation by RhoGAP DLC1Sim C.K.; Kim S.-Y.; Brunmeir R. ; Zhang Q.; Li H.; Dharmasegaran D.; Leong C.; Lim Y.Y.; Han W. ; Xu F. 
112015SIRT1 interacts with and deacetylates ATP6V1B2 in mature adipocytesKim S.-Y.; Zhang Q.; Brunmeir R. ; Han W. ; Xu F. 
122009Synaptotagmin-7 is a principal Ca2+sensor for Ca2+-induced glucagon exocytosis in pancreasGustavsson, N.; Wei, S.-H.; Hoang, D.N.; Radda, G.K.; Han, W. ; Lao, Y.; Sudhof, T.C.; Zhang, Q.; Rorsman, P.