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Philipp Roland Kaldis
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Kaldis, P.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12009A dual role of Cdk2 in DNA damage responseSatyanarayana, A; Kaldis, P 
22020A novel function for CDK2 activity at meiotic crossover sitesPalmer, N.; Talib, S.Z.A.; Singh, P.; Goh, C.M.F.; Liu, K.; Schimenti, J.C.; Kaldis, P. 
32005Biochemical characterization of Cdk2-Speedy/Ringo A2Cheng, A; Gerry, S; Kaldis, P ; Solomon, M.J
4Jun-2012Cdk1, but not Cdk2, is the sole Cdk that is essential and sufficient to drive resumption of meiosis in mouse oocytesAdhikari, D.; Zheng, W.; Shen, Y.; Gorre, N.; Ning, Y.; Halet, G.; Kaldis, P. ; Liu, K.
52006Cdk2 and Cdk4 cooperatively control the expression of Cdc2Berthet, C; Kaldis, P 
61-May-2011Cell cycle transitions and Cdk inhibition in melanoma therapy: Cyclin' through the optionsMann, M.B.; Kaldis, P. 
72006Cell Division, a new open access online forum for and from the cell cycle communityKaldis, P ; Pagano, M
82019Discovery of a chemical probe for PRDM9Allali-Hassani, A.; Szewczyk, M.M.; Ivanochko, D.; Organ, S.L.; Bok, J.; Ho, J.S.Y.; Gay, F.P.H.; Li, F.; Blazer, L.; Eram, M.S.; Halabelian, L.; Dilworth, D.; Luciani, G.M.; Lima-Fernandes, E.; Wu, Q.; Loppnau, P.; Palmer, N.; Talib, S.Z.A.; Brown, P.J.; Schapira, M.; Kaldis, P. ; O’Hagan, R.C.; Guccione, E.; Barsyte-Lovejoy, D.; Arrowsmith, C.H.; Sanders, J.M.; Kattar, S.D.; Bennett, D.J.; Nicholson, B.; Vedadi, M.
92018Genetic and pharmacological inhibition of Cdk1 provides neuroprotection towards ischemic neuronal deathMarlier, Q; Jibassia, F; Verteneuil, S; Linden, J; Kaldis, P ; Meijer, L; Nguyen, L; Vandenbosch, R; Malgrange, B
102020Loss of hepatocyte cell division leads to liver inflammation and fibrosisDewhurst, M.R.; Ow, J.R.; Zafer, G.; van Hul, N.K.M.; Wollmann, H.; Bisteau, X.; Brough, D.; Choi, H. ; Kaldis, P. 
112016Loss of the Greatwall Kinase Weakens the Spindle Assembly CheckpointDiril M.K.; Bisteau X.; Kitagawa M. ; Caldez M.J.; Wee S.; Gunaratne J. ; Lee S.H. ; Kaldis P. 
122017MASTL is essential for anaphase entry of proliferating primordial germ cells and establishment of female germ cells in miceRisal, S; Zhang, J; Adhikari, D; Liu, X; Shao, J; Hu, M; Busayavalasa, K; Tu, Z; Chen, Z; Kaldis, P ; Liu, K
132020Remodeling of whole-body lipid metabolism and a diabetic-like phenotype caused by loss of CDK1 and hepatocyte divisionOw, J.R.; Cadez, M.J.; Zafer, G.; Foo, J.C. ; Li, H.Y.; Ghosh, S. ; Wollmann, H.; Cazenave-Gassiot, A. ; Ong, C.B.; Wenk, M.R. ; Han, W. ; Choi, H. ; Kaldis, P. 
142014The complex relationship between liver cancer and the cell cycle: A story of multiple regulationsBisteau, X; Caldez, M.J; Kaldis, P 
152016The indispensable role of cyclin-dependent kinase 1 in skeletal developmentSaito, M; Mulati, M; Talib, S.Z.A; Kaldis, P ; Takeda, S; Okawa, A; Inose, H
162015TLR3 agonist and Sorafenib combinatorial therapy promotes immune activation and controls hepatocellular carcinoma progressionHo, V; Lim, T.S; Lee, J; Steinberg, J; Szmyd, R; Tham, M; Yaligar, J; Kaldis, P ; Abastado, J.-P; Chew, V
1715-Dec-2009Wnt Signaling in MitosisKaldis, P. ; Pagano, M.
182014Xenopus Cdc7 executes its essential function early in S phase and is counteracted by checkpoint-regulated protein phosphatase 1Poh, W.T; Chadha, G.S; Gillespie, P.J; Kaldis, P ; Blow, J.J