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Lam, Kong Peng
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Lam K.-P.
Lam, K.P.
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12005Basal immunoglobulin signaling actively maintains developmental stage in immature B cellsTze L.E.; Schram B.R.; Lam K.-P. ; Hogquist K.A.; Hippen K.L.; Liu J.; Shinton S.A.; Otipoby K.L.; Rodine P.R.; Vegoe A.L.; Kraus M.; Hardy R.R.; Schlissel M.S.; Rajewsky K.; Behrens T.W.
229-Aug-2014Bruton's tyrosine kinase and protein kinase C µ are required for TLR7/9-induced IKKα and IRF-1 activation and interferon-β production in conventional dendritic cellsLi, Yan Feng; Lee, Koon Guan; Ou, Xijun; Lam, Kong Peng 
32017BTK blocks the inhibitory effects of MDM2 on p53 activityRada, M; Althubiti, M; Ekpenyong-Akiba, A.E; Lee, K.-G; Lam, K.P ; Fedorova, O; Barlev, N.A; Macip, S
42011Integrative analysis workflow for the structural and functional classification of C-type lectins.Koh G.; Low A.; Poh D.; Yao Y.; Ng S.K. ; Wong V.V. ; Vagenende V.; Lam K.P. ; Lee D.Y. 
52016Loss of fas apoptosis inhibitory molecule leads to spontaneous obesity and hepatosteatosisHuo, J; Ma, Y; Liu, J.-J; Ho, Y.S; Liu, S; Soh, L.Y; Chen, S; Xu, S ; Han, W ; Hong, A; Lim, S.C; Lam, K.-P 
62006Mapping of industry building product model for detailed thermal simulation and analysisLam, K.P. ; Wong, N.H. ; SHEN LIJUN ; Mahdavi, A.; Leong, E.; Solihin, W.; Au, K.S.; Kang, Z.
75-Oct-2000Memory B-cell persistence is independent of persisting immunizing antigenMaruyama, M.; Lam, K.-P. ; Rajewsky, K.
82015Mir-17-92 regulates bone marrow homing of plasma cells and production of immunoglobulin G2cXu S. ; Ou X.; Huo J.; Lim K.; Huang Y.; Chee S.; Lam K.-P. 
923-Aug-2002Peritoneal CD5 + B-1 cells have signaling properties similar to tolerant B cellsWong, S.-C.; Chew, W.-K.; Tan, J.E.-L.; Melendez, A.J. ; Francis, F.; Lam, K.-P. 
102012Production of Functional Soluble Dectin-1 Glycoprotein Using an IRES-Linked Destabilized-Dihydrofolate Reductase Expression VectorNg S.K.; Tan T.R.M.; Wang Y.; Ng D.; Goh L.-T.; Bardor M.; Wong V.V.T.; Lam K.P. 
112011RIG-i, MDA5 and TLR3 synergistically play an important role in restriction of dengue virus infectionNasirudeen A.M.A.; Wong H.H.; Thien P.; Xu S.; Lam K.-P. ; Liu D.X.
122017Tyrosine kinase c-Abl regulates the survival of plasma cellsLi, Y.-F; Xu, S ; Huang, Y; Ou, X; Lam, K.-P