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Hairil Rizal Abdullah

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12020A prospective observational prevalence study of elevated HbA1c among elective surgical patientsTeo, L.M.; Lim, W.Y.; Ke, Y.; Sia, I.K.L.; Gui, C.H.; Abdullah, H.R. 
27-Sep-2020Assessment of predictive validity and feasibility of Edmonton Frail Scale in identifying postoperative complications among elderly patients: a prospective observational studyHe, Y. ; Li, L.W. ; Hao, Y.; Sim, E.Y. ; Ng, K.L.; Lee, R.; Lim, M.S.J.; Poopalalingam, R.; Abdullah, H.R. 
331-Aug-2018Data from: Development of the Combined Assessment of Risk Encountered in Surgery (CARES) surgical risk calculator for prediction of post-surgical mortality and need for intensive care unit admission risk ? a single-centre retrospective studyDiana Xin Hui Chan; Yilin Eileen Sim; Yiong Huak Chan ; Ruban Poopalalingam ; Hairil Rizal Abdullah 
42017Defining reasonable patient standard and preference for shared decision making among patients undergoing anaesthesia in SingaporeYek, J.L.J; Lee, A.K.Y; Tan, J.A.D; Lin, G.Y; Thamotharampillai, T; Abdullah, H.R 
52018How do Singapore patients view post-anaesthesia adverse outcomes? A single-centre willingness-to-pay studyLook X.; Mok M.U.S. ; Tay Y.S.; Abdullah H.R. 
62020Impact of preoperative HbA1c on postoperative complications after elective major abdominal surgery: a systematic review protocolWong, J.K.L.; Ke, Y.; Ong, Y.J.; Li, H.H.; Abdullah, H.R. 
72018Preoperative Red Cell Distribution Width and 30-day mortality in older patients undergoing non-cardiac surgery: A retrospective cohort observational studyAbdullah, H.R ; Sim, Y.E; Sim, Y.T; Ang, A.L ; Chan, Y.H ; Richards, T; Ong, B.C 
82017Prevalence of preoperative anemia, abnormal mean corpuscular volume and red cell distribution width among surgical patients in Singapore, and their influence on one year mortalitySim Y.E.; Wee H.E.; Ang A.L. ; Ranjakunalan N.; Ong B.C. ; Abdullah H.R. 
923-Dec-2021Spillover Effects of COVID-19 on Essential Chronic Care and Ways to Foster Health System Resilience to Support Vulnerable Non-COVID Patients: A Multistakeholder StudyYoon, Sungwon; Goh, Hendra; Chan, Angelique ; Malhotra, Rahul ; Visaria, Abhijit ; Matchar, David ; Lum, Elaine; Seng, Bridget ; Ramakrishnan, Chandrika ; Quah, Stella ; Koh, Mariko S ; Tiew, Pei Yee ; Bee, Yong Mong ; Abdullah, Hairil ; Nadarajan, Gayathri Devi ; Graves, Nicholas ; Jafar, Tazeen ; Ong, Marcus EH