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11-Dec-2023A deep learning system for retinal vessel calibre improves cardiovascular risk prediction in Asians with chronic kidney diseaseLim, CC ; Chong, C; Tan, G ; Tan, CS ; Cheung, CY ; Wong, TY ; Cheng, CY ; Sabanayagam, C 
22018A pilot study on adjunctive use of parametric colour-coded digital subtraction angiography in endovascular interventions of haemodialysis accessTan, R.Y; Chong, T.T ; Tsai, F.C; Pang, S.C; Lee, K.G; Gogna, A ; Ong, A.H; Tan, C.S 
3Dec-2021Application of machine learning techniques to understand ethnic differences and risk factors for incident chronic kidney disease in AsiansLim, Cynthia Ciwei ; He, Feng; Li, Jialiang ; Tham, Yih Chung ; Tan, Chieh Suai ; Cheng, Ching-Yu ; Wong, Tien-Yin ; Sabanayagam, Charumathi 
410-Aug-2022Healthcare policy for COVID-19 patients on haemodialysis: Adapting to the changing needs of the Omicron variantKoh, Deanna Xiuting; Chen, James Jianhong; Lee, Martin Yong Kwong; Tan, Chieh Suai ; Tan, Elizabeth Wan Ling; Chong, Si Jack ; Dan, Yock Young 
58-Mar-2024Hospital readmissions for fluid overload among individuals with diabetes and diabetic kidney disease: risk factors and multivariable prediction modelsJiashen Cai ; Dorothy Huang; Hanis Abdul Kadir; Zhihua Huang; Li Choo Ng; Andrew Ang ; Ngiap Chuan Tan ; Yong Mong Bee ; Wei Yi Tay ; Chieh Suai Tan ; Cynthia, C. Lim 
66-May-2020The Value of Renal Biopsy in Non-Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Mellitus in Singapore over the Past Two DecadesWoo, Keng Thye; Chan, Choong Meng ; Lim, Cynthia; Choo, Jason; Chin, Yoke Mooi; Teng, Esther Wei Ling; Mok, Irene; KWEK JIA LIANG ; TAN CHIEH SUAI ; TAN HUI ZHUAN ; Loh, Alwin H.L.; Choong, Hui Lin; Tan, Han Kim; Lee, Grace S.L.; Lee, Evan ; WONG KOK SENG ; TAN PUAY HOON ; Foo, Marjorie
72020Use of paclitaxel coated drug eluting technology to improve central vein patency for haemodialysis access circuits: Any benefit?Chong, T.T. ; Yap, H.Y. ; Tan, C.S. ; Lee, Q.S. ; Chan, S.L. ; Yan Wee, I.J.; Tang, T.Y. 
82016Warfarin related nephropathy: A case report and review of the literature Case ReportsNg, C.Y; Tan, C.S ; Chin, C.T ; Lim, S.L ; Zhu, L; Woo, K.T; Tan, P.H