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Jialiang Li
Li, Jialiang
Liang, L.J.
Li, J.L.
Jialiang, L.
Li, J.
Li, J.-L.
Li J.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
125-Apr-2017A Functional Varying-Coefficient Single Index Model for Functional Response DataJialiang Li ; Chao Huang; Hongtu Zhu
22010A commentary on the logistic distributionGhosh, M.; Choi, K.P. ; Li, J. 
3Feb-2012A practical approach to the early identification of antidepressant medication non-respondersLi, J. ; Kuk, A.Y.C. ; Rush, A.J. 
42014A prediction tool for nosocomial multi-drug resistant gram-negative bacilli infections in critically ill patients - prospective observational studyVasudevan A.; Mukhopadhyay A.; Li J. ; Yuen E.G.Y.; Tambyah P.A. 
52012A regression approach to ROC surface, with applications to Alzheimer's diseaseLi, J.L. ; Zhou, X.H.; Fine, J.P.
6Mar-2009A semi-parametric analysis for identifying Scleroderma patients responsive to an anti-fibrotic agentLi, J. ; Wong, W.K.
7Jun-2011A semiparametric threshold model for censored longitudinal data analysisLi, J. ; Zhang, W.
82010A sign based loss approach to model selection in nonparametric regressionNott, D.J. ; Jialiang, L. 
91-Oct-2017Accounting for Clinical Covariates and their Interactions with Genomic Biomarkers in ROC AnalysisTao Yu ; Jialiang Li ; Shuangge Ma
1018-Aug-2020AdaBoost semiparametric model averaging prediction for multiple categoriesJialiang Li ; Jing Lv; Alan T. K. WAN; Jun Liao
11Nov-2008An empirical study of statistical properties of variance partition coefficients for multi-level logistic regression modelsLi, J. ; Gray, B.R.; Bates, D.M.
12May-2011Analysis of failure time using threshold regression with semi-parametric varying coefficientsLi, J. ; Lee, M.-L.T.
13Dec-2021Application of machine learning techniques to understand ethnic differences and risk factors for incident chronic kidney disease in AsiansLim, Cynthia Ciwei ; He, Feng; Li, Jialiang ; Tham, Yih Chung ; Tan, Chieh Suai ; Cheng, Ching-Yu ; Wong, Tien-Yin ; Sabanayagam, Charumathi 
142012Applications of the bootstrap in ROC analysisLi, J. 
15Mar-2014Assessing diagnostic accuracy improvement for survival or competing-risk censored outcomesShi, H.; Cheng, Y.; Li, J. 
16Oct-2011Assessing the dependence of sensitivity and specificity on prevalence in meta-analysisLi, J. ; Fine, J.P.
17Sep-2007Association between C-reactive protein level and peripheral arterial disease among US adults without cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or hypertensionShankar, A.; Li, J. ; Nieto, F.J.; Klein, B.E.K.; Klein, R.
182007Association between serum gamma-glutamyltransferase level and prehypertension among US adultsShankar, A.; Li, J. 
19Aug-2007Association between serum uric acid and prehypertension among US adultsSyamala, S.; Li, J. ; Shankar, A.
20Dec-2012Association between tea consumption and depressive symptoms in older Chinese adultsFeng, L.; Li, J. ; Kua, E.-H.; Lee, T.-S. ; Yap, K.-B.; John Rush, A. ; Ng, T.-P.