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Nott, D.J.
Nott, D.
Nott David
Nott, David John
Nott, D.J.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12010A sign based loss approach to model selection in nonparametric regressionNott, D.J. ; Jialiang, L. 
22014A stepwise likelihood ratio test procedure for rare variant selection in case-control studiesKuk, A.Y.C.; Nott, D.J. ; Yang, Y.
319-Feb-2019Accelerating Bayesian Synthetic Likelihood With the Graphical LassoDavid Nott 
42010Analysis of clustered binary data with unequal cluster sizes: A semiparametric bayesian approachNott, D.J. ; Kuk, A.Y.C. 
52014Bayesian adaptive LassoLeng, C. ; Tran, M.-N.; Nott, D. 
616-Aug-2019Bayesian Deep Net GLM and GLMMMinh-Ngoc Tran; Nghia Nguyen; David Nott ; Robert Kohn
713-Aug-2015Bayesian estimation of varying-coefficient models with missing data, with application to the Singapore Longitudinal Aging StudyHuang, Zhipeng; Li, Jialiang ; Nott, David John ; Feng, Lei; Ng, Tze-Pin; Wong, Tien-Yin
82015Bayesian estimation of varying-coefficient models with missing data, with application to the Singapore Longitudinal Aging StudyHuang Zhipeng; Li Jialiang ; Nott David ; Feng Lei ; Ng Tze Pin ; Wong Tien Yin 
91-Dec-2010Bayesian projection approaches to variable selection in generalized linear modelsNott, D.J. ; Leng, C. 
1031-Jul-2017Bayesian Synthetic LikelihoodLeah Price; Christopher Drovandi; Anthony Lee; David Nott 
11Jun-2007Coefficient sign prediction methods for model selectionNott, D.J. ; Kuk, A.Y.C. 
122009Confidence interval for the bootstrap P-value and sample size calculation of the bootstrap testLi, J. ; Tai, B.C. ; Nott, D.J. 
131-Feb-2011Efficient MCMC schemes for computationally expensive posterior distributionsFielding, M. ; Nott, D.J. ; Liong, S.-Y. 
145-Jun-2018Gaussian Variational Approximation With a Factor Covariance StructureVictor Ong ; David Nott ; Michael Smith
152012Generalized likelihood uncertainty estimation (GLUE) and approximate Bayesian computation: What's the connection?Nott, D.J. ; Marshall, L.; Brown, J.
16Dec-2012Generalized smooth finite mixturesVillani, M.; Kohn, R.; Nott, D.J. 
1720-Apr-2020High-dimensional Copula Variational Approximation through TransformationMichael Smith; Ruben Loaiza-Maya; David Nott 
18Aug-2011Importance sampling as a variational approximationNott, D.J. ; Li, J. ; Fielding, M. 
19May-2009Intra- and inter-individual genetic differences in gene expressionCowley, M.J.; Cotsapas, C.J.; Williams, R.B.H.; Chan, E.K.F.; Pulvers, J.N.; Liu, M.Y.; Luo, O.J.; Nott, D.J. ; Little, P.F.R.
2029-Sep-2020Marginally Calibrated Deep Distributional RegressionNadja Klein; DAVID NOTT ; Michael Smith