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Leng Chenlei
Leng, C.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
110-Dec-2013A general semiparametric hazards regression model: Efficient estimation and structure selectionTong, X.; Zhu, L.; Leng, C. ; Leisenring, W.; Robison, L.L.
22014A joint modelling approach for longitudinal studiesZhang, W.; Leng, C. ; Tang, C.Y.
32015A joint modelling approach for longitudinal studiesZhang Weiping; Leng Chenlei ; Tang Chen Yong
4Mar-2012A moving average Cholesky factor model in covariance modelling for longitudinal dataZhang, W.; Leng, C. 
515-Aug-2008A note on adaptive group lassoWang, H.; Leng, C. 
6Oct-2006A note on the Lasso and related procedures in model selectionLeng, C. ; Lin, Y.; Wahba, G.
7Feb-2013A quantile regression estimator for censored dataLeng, C. ; Tong, X.
81-Jul-2009A simple approach for varying-coefficient model selectionLeng, C. 
9Jun-2007Accelerated failure time models with nonlinear covariates effectsLeng, C. ; Ma, S.
10Jan-2012An empirical likelihood approach to quantile regression with auxiliary informationTang, C.Y. ; Leng, C. 
112014Bayesian adaptive LassoLeng, C. ; Tran, M.-N.; Nott, D. 
121-Dec-2010Bayesian projection approaches to variable selection in generalized linear modelsNott, D.J. ; Leng, C. 
13Nov-2008Clarification: Regression model selection - A residual likelihood approachLeng, C. ; Shi, P.; Tsai, C.-L.
14Dec-2011Empirical likelihood and quantile regression in longitudinal data analysisTang, C.Y. ; Leng, C. 
15Dec-2011Forward adaptive banding for estimating large covariance matricesLeng, C. ; Li, B.
162012Gradient-based kernel method for feature extraction and variable selectionFukumizu, K.; Leng, C. 
17Oct-2013High-dimensional influence measureZhao, J.; Leng, C. ; Li, L.; Wang, H.
18Dec-2011Improving variance function estimation in semiparametric longitudinal data analysisLeng, C. ; Tang, C.Y. 
192010Least squares approximation with a diverging number of parametersLeng, C. ; Li, B.
20Oct-2006Model selection in nonparametric hazard regressionLeng, C. ; Zhang, H.H.