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Augustus John Rush
John Rush, A.
Rush, J.A.
Rush, Augustus John
Rush, A.J.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jul-2010A comparison of the QIDS-C16, QIDS-SR16, and the MADRS in an adult outpatient clinical sampleBernstein, I.H.; Rush, A.J. ; Stegman, D.; Macleod, L.; Witte, B.; Trivedi, M.H.
2Sep-2009A genomewide association study points to multiple loci that predict antidepressant drug treatment outcome in depressionIsing, M.; Lucae, S.; Binder, E.B.; Bettecken, T.; Uhr, M.; Ripke, S.; Kohli, M.A.; Hennings, J.M.; Horstmann, S.; Kloiber, S.; Menke, A.; Bondy, B.; Rupprecht, R.; Domschke, K.; Baune, B.T.; Arolt, V.; Rush, A.J. ; Holsboer, F.; Müller-Myhsok, B.
3Feb-2012A practical approach to the early identification of antidepressant medication non-respondersLi, J. ; Kuk, A.Y.C. ; Rush, A.J. 
4Nov-2009A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled pilot study of naltrexone in outpatients with bipolar disorder and alcohol dependenceBrown, E.S.; Carmody, T.J.; Schmitz, J.M.; Caetano, R.; Adinoff, B.; Swann, A.C.; Rush, A.J. 
5Jul-2013A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of pramipexole augmentation in treatment-resistant major depressive disorderCusin, C.; Iovieno, N.; Iosifescu, D.V.; Nierenberg, A.A.; Fava, M.; Rush, A.J. ; Perlis, R.H.
6Oct-2011A timely investment: Coordinated care for depression and anxiety disordersSung, S.C.; John Rush, A. 
711-Aug-2017Addressing the unmet needs of current antidepressants: does neuroscience help or hinder clinical psychopharmacology research?Joseph Goldberg; A. Rush 
82014Adherence to antidepressant combinations and monotherapy for major depressive disorder: A CO-MED report of measurement-based careWarden, D.; Trivedi, M.H.; Carmody, T.; Toups, M.; Zisook, S.; Lesser, I.; Myers, A.; Kurian, K.R.B.; Morris, D.; John Rush, A. 
9Jun-2010Anticipated benefits of care (ABC): Psychometrics and predictive value in psychiatric disordersWarden, D.; Trivedi, M.H.; Carmody, T.J.; Gollan, J.K.; Kashner, T.M.; Lind, L.; Crismon, M.L.; Rush, A.J. 
104-Aug-2021Antidepressant side effects and their impact on treatment outcome in people with major depressive disorder: an iSPOT-D reportBraund, Taylor A.; Tillman, Gabriel; Palmer, Donna M.; Gordon, Evian; Rush, A. John ; Harris, Anthony W. F.
11Dec-2011Assessing anxious features in depressed outpatientsMcclintock, S.M.; Husain, M.M.; Bernstein, I.H.; Wisniewski, S.R.; Trivedi, M.H.; Morris, D.; Alpert, J.; Warden, D.; Luther, J.F.; Kornstein, S.G.; Biggs, M.M.; Fava, M.; Rush, A.J. 
12Apr-2011Association between bipolar spectrum features and treatment outcomes in outpatients with major depressive disorderPerlis, R.H.; Uher, R.; Ostacher, M.; Goldberg, J.F.; Trivedi, M.H.; Rush, A.J. ; Fava, M.
13Dec-2012Association between tea consumption and depressive symptoms in older Chinese adultsFeng, L.; Li, J. ; Kua, E.-H.; Lee, T.-S. ; Yap, K.-B.; John Rush, A. ; Ng, T.-P.
14Feb-2014Association of depressive symptoms with hippocampal volume in 1936 adultsBrown, E.S.; Hughes, C.W.; McColl, R.; Peshock, R.; King, K.S.; Rush, A.J. 
15Apr-2010Association of polymorphisms in genes regulating the corticotropin- releasing factor system with antidepressant treatment responseBinder, E.B.; Owens, M.J.; Liu, W.; Deveau, T.C.; Rush, A.J. ; Trivedi, M.H.; Fava, M.; Bradley, B.; Ressler, K.J.; Nemeroff, C.B.
16Oct-2011Changes in depressive symptoms and social functioning in the sequenced treatment alternatives to relieve depression studyDenninger, J.W.; Van Nieuwenhuizen, A.O.; Wisniewski, S.R.; Luther, J.F.; Trivedi, M.H.; Rush, A.J. ; Gollan, J.K.; Pizzagalli, D.A.; Fava, M.
17Feb-2013Clinical and sociodemographic characteristics associated with suicidal ideation in depressed outpatientsTrivedi, M.H.; Morris, D.W.; Wisniewski, S.R.; Nierenberg, A.A.; Gaynes, B.N.; Kurian, B.T.; Warden, D.; Stegman, D.; Shores-Wilson, K.; Rush, A.J. 
18Dec-2013Clinical features of depression in Asia: Results of a large prospective, cross-sectional studySrisurapanont, M.; Hong, J.P.; Tian-mei, S.; Hatim, A.; Liu, C.-Y.; Udomratn, P.; Bae, J.N.; Fang, Y.; Chua, H.C.; Liu, S.-I.; George, T.; Bautista, D.; Chan, E. ; Rush, A.J. 
19Jul-2011Combining Medications to Enhance Depression Outcomes (CO-MED): Acute and long-term outcomes of a single-blind randomized studyRush, A.J. ; Trivedi, M.H.; Stewart, J.W.; Nierenberg, A.A.; Fava, M.; Kurian, B.T.; Warden, D.; Morris, D.W.; Luther, J.F.; Husain, M.M.; Cook, I.A.; Shelton, R.C.; Lesser, I.M.; Kornstein, S.G.; Wisniewski, S.R.
201-Feb-2013Common genetic variation and antidepressant efficacy in major depressive disorder: A meta-analysis of three genome-wide pharmacogenetic studiesUher, R.; Tansey, K.E.; Rietschel, M.; Henigsberg, N.; Maier, W.; Mors, O.; Hauser, J.; Placentino, A.; Souery, D.; Farmer, A.; Aitchison, K.J.; Craig, I.; McGuffin, P.; Lewis, C.M.; Ising, M.; Lucae, S.; Binder, E.B.; Kloiber, S.; Holsboer, F.; Müller-Myhsok, B.; Ripke, S.; Hamilton, S.P.; Soundy, J.; Laje, G.; McMahon, F.J.; Fava, M.; Rush, A.J. ; Perlis, R.H.