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Marc Allan Jeuland
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Jeuland, Marc Alan


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12018Access to environmental health assets across wealth strata: Evidence from 41 low- and middle-income countriesGraham J.P.; Kaur M.; Jeuland M.A. 
22017Adoption and use of a semi-gasifier cooking and water heating stove and fuel intervention in the Tibetan Plateau, ChinaClark, S; Carter, E; Shan, M; Ni, K; Niu, H; Tseng, J.T.W; Pattanayak, S.K; Jeuland, M ; Schauer, J.J; Ezzati, M; Wiedinmyer, C; Yang, X; Baumgartner, J
328-Aug-2022Air quality valuation using online surveys in three Asian megacitiesTan-Soo Jie Sheng ; Eric Finkelstein ; Subhrendu Pattanayak; Ping Qin; Xiaobing Zhang; Marc Jeuland 
42012Benefits and costs of improved cookstoves: Assessing the implications of variability in health, forest and climate impactsJeuland M.A. ; Pattanayak S.K.
52017Can economic incentives enhance adoption and use of a household energy technology? Evidence from a pilot study in CambodiaUsmani, F; Steele, J; Jeuland, M 
62014How do people in rural india perceive improved stoves and clean fuel? evidence from Uttar Pradesh and UttarakhandBhojvaid, V; Jeuland, M ; Kar, A; Lewis, J.J; Pattanayak, S.K; Ramanathan, N; Ramanathan, V; Rehman, I.H
72015Nephrotoxic contaminants in drinking water and urine, and chronic kidney disease in rural Sri LankaRango, Tewodros; Jeuland, Marc Alan ; Manthrithilake, Herath; McCornick, Peter G
82017The cost effectiveness of a quality improvement program to reduce maternal and fetal mortality in a regional referral hospital in Accra, GhanaGoodman D.M.; Ramaswamy R.; Jeuland M. ; Srofenyoh E.K.; Engmann C.M.; Olufolabi A.J.; Owen M.D.
92014The costs of uncoordinated infrastructure management in multi-reservoir river basinsJeuland, M ; Baker, J; Bartlett, R; Lacombe, G
102013The Long-Term Dynamics of Mortality Benefits from Improved Water and Sanitation in Less Developed CountriesJeuland M.A. ; Fuente D.E.; Ozdemir S. ; Allaire M.C.; Whittington D.