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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Apr-2019Estimating the size of key populations for HIV in Singapore using the network scale-up methodTeo, AKJ ; Prem, K ; Chen, MIC ; Roellin, A ; Wong, ML ; La, HH ; Cook, AR 
20-Dec-2017Non-Linear Quantitative Structure–Activity Relationships Modelling, Mechanistic Study and In-Silico Design of Flavonoids as Potent AntioxidantsPetar Zuvela ; Jonathan David; Xin Yang; Dejian Huang ; Ming Wah Wong 
20-Dec-2017Coverage-based Greybox Fuzzing as Markov ChainBoehme, Marcel ; Pham, Van-Thuan ; Abhik Roychoudhury 
26-Feb-2019Effects of tricalcium phosphate in polycaprolactone scaffold for mesenchymal stem cell-based bone tissue engineeringChaolemeng Bao ; Mark S.K. Chong ; Lei Qin ; Yiping Fan ; Erin Yiling Teo ; Dedy Sandikin; Mahesh Choolani ; Jerry Kok Yen Chan 
30-Dec-2018NASICON Structured Solid State Electrolyte Li1.5Al0.5-xGaxGe1.5(PO4)3 Prepared by Microwave SinteringBinggong Yan ; Lei Kang; Masashi Kotobuki ; Fei Wang; Xiaodi Huang; Xuan Song; Kaiyong Jiang
11-Dec-2018Towards Practical Application of Gasification: A Critical Review from Syngas and Biochar PerspectivesSiming You ; Yong Sik Ok; Daniel Tsang; Eilhann Kwom; Chi-Hwa Wang 
5-Nov-2018Rare-earth metal based adsorbents for effective removal of arsenic from water: a critical reviewYang Yu ; Ling Yu ; Kok Yuen Koh; Chenghong Wang; J. Paul Chen 
1-Feb-2019Weights matter: Improving the predictive validity of risk assessments for criminal offendersGeorgios Georgiou 
11-Mar-2019Detection of Endotoxins: From Inferring the Responses of Biological Hosts to the Direct Chemical Analysis of LipopolysaccharidesJackie Jackie; Wai Khin Lau; Huatao Feng ; Sam Fong Yau Li 
26-Dec-2017Developing a fall prevention program for community-dwelling stroke survivors in Singapore: client and caregiver perspectivesTianma Xu; Kate O’Loughlin; Lindy Clemson; Natasha Lannin; Catherine M. Dean; Gerald Koh 
12-Apr-2019Discussion on "Challenges and new methods for designing reliability experiments"Zhi-sheng Ye ; Qiuzhuang Sun
18-Mar-2019High-tech housewives: Indian IT workers, gendered labor, and transmigrationAnju Mary Paul 
26-Apr-2019'A Woman to Warm My Heart': Low-Wage Mainland Chinese Migrant Men, Thrift and Desires for Intimacy in SingaporeSylvia Ang 
5-Jan-2018Optimal model averaging estimation for correlation structure in generalized estimating equationsFang Fang; Jialiang Li ; Jingli Wang 
20-Mar-2019Witness to the Thousand-Yard Stare: Civilian Imagination of Service Members' Mental Injuries in WartimeWalter Wade 
16-Apr-2019The Perils of GeoeconomicsDong Jung Kim 
19-Nov-2018Optimal Estimation of Genetic Relatedness in High-dimensional Linear ModelsZijian Guo; Wanjie Wang ; T. Tony Cai; Hongzhe Li
27-Mar-2019Integrating Evidence-Based Practice in the Nursing CurriculumMichelle Cleary ; Violeta Lopez 
17-Jul-2018Internalized Homophobia, HIV Knowledge, and HIV/AIDS Personal Responsibility Beliefs: Correlates of HIV/AIDS Discrimination among MSM in the Context of Institutionalized StigmaRayner Tan 
6-Feb-2019The Dispute Concerning the Delimitation of the Maritime Boundary Between Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire: Implications for the Law of the SeaMillicent McCreath ; Zoe Scanlon 
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 97884