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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2019Converting Tetun: Colonial Missionaries’ Conceptual Mapping in the Timorese Cosmology and Some Local Responses, 1874–1937KISHO TSUCHIYA 
1-Jul-2019Extracellular Vesicles in Cardiovascular Diseases: Alternative Biomarker Sources, Therapeutic Agents, and Drug Delivery CarriersCHONG SUET YEN ; LEE CHOON KEONG ; Huang, Chenyuan; Ou, Yi Hsuan; CHARLES, CHRISTOPHER JOHN ; ARTHUR MARK RICHARDS ; Neupane, Yub Raj; Pavon, Maria Vazquez; ZHARKOVA, OLGA ; Pastorin,Giorgia ; WANG JIONGWEI 
Sep-2019On the paintings of Pan Huiting — ou, une réflexion sur l’art ...JEREMY FERNANDO 
1-Aug-2018Transaction Costs (TCs) in Green Building (GB) Incentive Schemes: Gross Floor Area (GFA) Concession Scheme in Hong KongKe Fan; Edwin H.W. Chan; Queena K. Qian
1-Mar-2016Truth and Tropes in Visual Representations of the TropicsSIMONE CHUNG SHU YENG 
24-Jan-2015A Glimpse into the Social Cosmology of the Yokoyama Family in 'Still Walking' (2008)SIMONE CHUNG SHU YENG 
2-Sep-2019Platforms in the peer-to-peer sharing economyWirtz, Jochen ; So, Kevin Kam Fung; Mody, Makarand Amrish; Liu, Stephanie Q; Chun, HaeEun Helen
1-Nov-2015Projecting Presence: the 20th Busan International Film FestivalSimone Chung Shu Yeng 
1-Nov-2016The Space Between: spatial autopsies as an alternative approach for analysing localitiesSimone Chung Shu Yeng 
11-Oct-2018Kota Kinabalu: checkered past, present challenges, bright future?Simone Chung Shu Yeng ; Chung, Robin
26-Oct-2018The social architecture of contemporary cultural festivals: connecting people, the environment, and art in the Setouchi Triennale - JapanSimone Chung Shu Yeng 
10-Jul-2018Framework or metaphor? Analysing the status of policy learning in the Policy SciencesNihit Goya ; Michael Howlett 
2-Apr-2018Bureaucratic Autonomy and Policy Capacity in the Implementation of Capitation Payment Systems in Primary Healthcare: Comparative Case Studies of Three Districts in Central Java, IndonesiaSi Ying Tan 
24-Jul-2019Targeted metabolomics reveals differential biological effects of nanoplastics and nanoZnO in human lung cellsSwee Ling Lim ; Cheng Teng Ng; Li Zou; Yonghai Lu ; Jiaqing Chen; Boon Huat Bay ; Han-Ming Shen ; Choon Nam Ong 
15-Jul-2019Autophagy, Inflammation, and Metabolism (AIM) Center in its second yearVojo Deretic; Eric Prossnitz; Mark Burge; Matthew Campen; Judy Cannon; Ke Jian Liu; Meilian Liu; Pamela Hall; Larry Sklar; Lee Allers; Luisa Mariscal; Sally Ann Garcia; John Weaver; Eric Baehrecke; Christian Behrends; Francesco Cecconi; Patrice Codogno; Guang-Chao Chen; Zvulun Elazar; Eeva-Liisa Eskelinen; Bernard Fourie; Devrim Gozuacik; Wanjin Hong; Eun-Kyeong Jo; Terje Johansen; Gabor Juhasz; Adi Kimchi; Nicholas T Ktistakis; Guido Kroemer; Noboru Mizushima; Christian Munz; Fulvio Reggiori; David Rubinsztein; Kevin Ryan; Kate Schroder; Han-Ming Shen ; Anne Simonsen; Sharon Tooze; Maria Vaccaro; Tamotsu Yoshimori; Li Yu; Hong Zhang; Daniel Klionsky
2-Aug-2019Predictive study of ultra-low emissions from dual-fuel engine using Artificial Neural Networks combined with Genetic algorithmWenbin Yu ; Feiyang Zhao 
25-Jan-2019Stealth marketisation: how international school policy is quietly challenging education systems in AsiaHyejin Kim ; Erik Mobrand
9-Jul-2019Forecasting limit order book liquidity supply?demand curves with functional autoregressive dynamicsYing Chen ; Wee Song Chua; Wolfgang Karl Hardle
21-Jun-2019Towards a sustainable future: A holistic inquiry of waste management behaviors of Singapore households.Corinne Ong ; Lyle Fearnley; Siow Boon Chia
12-Jan-2019Characterisation of Nano Magnesia-Cement-Reinforced Seashore Soft Soil by Direct-Shear TestWei Wang; Chen Zhang; Na Li; Feifei Tao; Kai Yao 
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 98974