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12-Jun-2020Aerobic C–H Functionalization Using Pyrenedione as the PhotocatalystYuannian. Zhanga; Xin. Yanga; WU JIE ; Dejiang. Huan
214-May-2020Cloud-inspired multiple scattering for light intensified photochemical flow reactorsZHENG LU ; XUE HANSONG ; WONG WAI KUAN ; CAO HUI ; WU JIE ; SAIF ABDUL KADIR KHAN 
32006Gene annotation and network inference by phylogenetic profilingWu J. ; Hu Z.; Delisi C.
41-Oct-2020Light-Promoted Organic Transformations Utilizing Carbon-Based Gas Molecules as Feedstocks.Wu, Jie ; Cai, Bin; Cheo, Han Wen; Liu, Tao 
52017Metal-free direct alkylation of unfunctionalized allylic/benzylic sp3 C-H bonds: Via photoredox induced radical cation deprotonationZhou, R ; Liu, H; Tao, H; Yu, X ; Wu, J 
62019Metal-salen molecular cages as efficient and recyclable heterogeneous catalysts for cycloaddition of CO2 with epoxides under ambient conditionsNg, C.K.; Toh, R.W. ; Lin, T.T.; Luo, H.-K.; Hor, T.S.A.; Wu, J. 
72020Photo-mediated selective deconstructive geminal dihalogenation of trisubstituted alkenesWang, H.; Toh, R.W. ; Shi, X.; Wang, T.; Cong, X.; Wu, J. 
82020Photoinduced site-selective alkenylation of alkanes and aldehydes with aryl alkenesCao, H.; Kuang, Y. ; Shi, X.; Wong, K.L.; Tan, B.B.; Kwan, J.M.C.; Liu, X. ; Wu, J. 
92017Reaction discovery using acetylene gas as the chemical feedstock accelerated by the "stop-flow" micro-tubing reactor systemXue F. ; Deng H. ; Xue C. ; Mohamed D.K.B.; Tang K.Y.; Wu J. 
10Oct-2018Recent Developments in the Photo-Mediated Generation of Silyl Radicals and Their Application in Organic SynthesisLI JIESHENG ; WU JIE 
112004VisANT: An online visualization and analysis tool for biological interaction dataHu Z.; Mellor J.; Wu J. ; DeLisi C.
125-Aug-2020Visible light driven deuteration of formyl C–H and hydridic C(sp3)–H bonds in feedstock chemicals and pharmaceutical moleculesKuang, Yulong ; Cao, Hui; Tang, Haidi; Chew, Junhong; Chen, Wei ; Shi, Xiangcheng; Wu, Jie 
132019Visible-light-mediated deuteration of silanes with deuterium oxideZhou, R. ; Li, J. ; Cheo, H.W.; Chua, R.; Zhan, G.; Hou, Z.; Wu, J.