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Yeo B.T.T.
Thomas Yeo, B.T.


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12020Agito ergo sum: Correlates of spatio-temporal motion characteristics during fMRIBolton, T.A.W.; Kebets, V. ; Glerean, E.; Zöller, D.; Li, J. ; Yeo, B.T.T. ; Caballero-Gaudes, C.; Van De Ville, D.
22020Deep neural networks and kernel regression achieve comparable accuracies for functional connectivity prediction of behavior and demographicsHe, T.; Kong, R. ; Holmes, A.J.; Nguyen, M. ; Sabuncu, M.R.; Eickhoff, S.B.; Bzdok, D.; Feng, J. ; Yeo, B.T.T. 
32020Different scaling of linear models and deep learning in UKBiobank brain images versus machine-learning datasetsSchulz, M.-A.; Yeo, B.T.T. ; Vogelstein, J.T.; Mourao-Miranada, J.; Kather, J.N.; Kording, K.; Richards, B.; Bzdok, D.
4Feb-2014Disruption of cortical association networks in schizophrenia and psychotic bipolar disorderBaker, J.T.; Holmes, A.J.; Masters, G.A.; Yeo, B.T.T. ; Krienen, F.; Buckner, R.L.; Ongür, D.
52020Erratum: Author Correction: The interrelation of sleep and mental and physical health is anchored in grey-matter neuroanatomy and under genetic control (Communications biology (2020) 3 1 (171))Tahmasian, M.; Samea, F.; Khazaie, H.; Zarei, M.; Masouleh, S.K.; Hoffstaedter, F.; Camilleri, J.; Kochunov, P.; Yeo, B.T.T. ; Eickhoff, S.B.; Valk, S.L.
62015Functional connectivity during rested wakefulness predicts vulnerability to sleep deprivationYeo B.T.T. ; Tandi J.; Chee M.W.L.
72018Gene expression links functional networks across cortex and striatumAnderson, K.M; Krienen, F.M; Choi, E.Y; Reinen, J.M; Yeo, B.T.T ; Holmes, A.J
81-Nov-2018Imaging-based parcellations of the human brainEickhoff, Simon B; Yeo, BT Thomas ; Genon, Sarah
96-Feb-2013Individual Variability in Functional Connectivity Architecture of the Human BrainMueller, S.; Wang, D.; Fox, M.D.; Yeo, B.T.T. ; Sepulcre, J.; Sabuncu, M.R.; Shafee, R.; Lu, J.; Liu, H.
101-Apr-2019Individual-specific fMRI-Subspaces improve functional connectivity prediction of behaviorKashyap, Rajan ; Kong, Ru; Bhattacharjee, Sagarika; Li, Jingwei ; Zhou, Juan ; Yeo, BT Thomas 
111-Dec-2017Interpreting temporal fluctuations in resting-state functional connectivity MRILiegeois, Raphael ; Laumann, Timothy O; Snyder, Abraham Z; Zhou, Juan ; Yeo, BT Thomas 
122019Intrinsic Functional Connectivity of the Brain in Adults with a Single Cerebral HemisphereKliemann, D.; Adolphs, R.; Tyszka, J.M.; Fischl, B.; Yeo, B.T.T. ; Nair, R.; Dubois, J.; Paul, L.K.
132019Inversion of a large-scale circuit model reveals a cortical hierarchy in the dynamic resting human brainWang, P. ; Kong, R. ; Kong, X.; Liégeois, R. ; Orban, C. ; Deco, G.; Van Den Heuvel, M.P.; Yeo, B.T.T. 
1422-Sep-2020Latent atrophy factors related to phenotypical variants of posterior cortical atrophyColin Groot; YEO BOON THYE THOMAS ; Jacob W. Vogel; Xiuming Zhang; Nanbo Sun; Elizabeth C. Mormino; Yolande A.L. Pijnenburg; Bruce L. Miller; Howard J. Rosen; Renaud La Joie; Frederik Barkhof; Philip Scheltens; Wiesje M. van der Flier; Gil D. Rabinovici; Rik Ossenkoppele
1518-May-2020Macroscale and microcircuit dissociation of focal and generalized human epilepsiesWeng, Y.; Larivière, S.; Caciagli, L.; Vos de Wael, R.; Rodríguez-Cruces, R.; Royer, J.; Xu, Q.; Bernasconi, N.; Bernasconi, A.; Thomas Yeo, B.T. ; Lu, G.; Zhang, Z.; Bernhardt, B.C.
161-Nov-2019Multi-modal latent factor exploration of atrophy, cognitive and tau heterogeneity in Alzheimer's diseaseSun, Nanbo; Mormino, Elizabeth C; Chen, Jianzhong ; Sabuncu, Mert R; Yeo, BT Thomas 
1715-Oct-2020Multi-subject Stochastic Blockmodels for adaptive analysis of individual differences in human brain network cluster structurePavlović, D.M. ; Guillaume, B.R.L. ; Towlson, E.K.; Kuek, N.M.Y. ; Afyouni, S.; Vértes, P.E.; Yeo, B.T.T. ; Bullmore, E.T.; Nichols, T.E.
18Jul-2013Opportunities and limitations of intrinsic functional connectivity MRIBuckner, R.L.; Krienen, F.M.; Yeo, B.T.T. 
192020Overlapping attentional networks yield divergent behavioral predictions across tasks: Neuromarkers for diffuse and focused attention?Wu, E.X.W. ; Liaw, G.J. ; Goh, R.Z.; Chia, T.T.Y.; Chee, A.M.J.; Obana, T. ; Rosenberg, M.D.; Yeo, B.T.T. ; Asplund, C.L. 
2015-Oct-2020Personality and local brain structure: Their shared genetic basis and reproducibilityValk, S.L.; Hoffstaedter, F.; Camilleri, J.A.; Kochunov, P.; Yeo, B.T.T. ; Eickhoff, S.B.