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12017A bayesian approach for analysis of whole-genome bisulfite sequencing data identifies disease-associated changes in DNA methylationRackham, O.J.L ; Langley, S.R ; Oates, T; Vradi, E; Harmston, N ; Srivastava, P.K; Behmoaras, J; Dellaportas, P; Bottolo, L; Petretto, E 
22018Ethnicity-Specific Skeletal Muscle Transcriptional Signatures and Their Relevance to Insulin Resistance in SingaporeTan A.L.M. ; Langley S.R. ; Tan C.F.; Chai J.F. ; Khoo C.M. ; Leow M.K.-S. ; Khoo E.Y.H. ; Moreno-Moral A. ; Pravenec M.; Rotival M.; Sadananthan S.A. ; Velan S.S. ; Venkataraman K. ; Chong Y.S. ; Lee Y.S. ; Sim X. ; Stunkel W.; Liu M.H. ; Tai E.S. ; Petretto E. 
32017Extracellular matrix proteomics identifies molecular signature of symptomatic carotid plaquesLangley, S.R ; Willeit, K; Didangelos, A; Matic, L.P; Skroblin, P; Barallobre-Barreiro, J; Lengquist, M; Rungger, G; Kapustin, A; Kedenko, L; Molenaar, C; Lu, R; Barwari, T; Suna, G; Yin, X; Iglseder, B; Paulweber, B; Willeit, P; Shalhoub, J; Pasterkamp, G; Davies, A.H; Monaco, C; Hedin, U; Shanahan, C.M; Willeit, J; Kiechl, S; Mayr, M
42014Genetic Analysis of the Cardiac Methylome at Single Nucleotide Resolution in a Model of Human Cardiovascular DiseaseJohnson M.D.; Mueller M.; Adamowicz-Brice M.; Collins M.J.; Gellert P.; Maratou K.; Srivastava P.K.; Rotival M.; Butt S.; Game L.; Atanur S.S.; Silver N.; Norsworthy P.J.; Langley S.R. ; Petretto E. ; Pravenec M.; Aitman T.J.
52017Genome-wide analysis of differential RNA editing in epilepsySrivastava, P.K; Bagnati, M; Delahaye-Duriez, A; Ko, J.-H; Rotival, M; Langley, S.R ; Shkura, K; Mazzuferi, M; Danis, B; Van Eyll, J; Foerch, P; Behmoaras, J; Kaminski, R.M; Petretto, E ; Johnson, M.R
62014Long-term therapeutic silencing of miR-33 increases circulating triglyceride levels and hepatic lipid accumulation in miceGoedeke, L; Salerno, A; Ramírez, C.M; Guo, L; Allen, R.M; Yin, X; Langley, S.R ; Esau, C; Wanschel, A; Fisher, E.A; Suárez, Y; Baldán, A; Mayr, M; Fernández-Hernando, C
72015MicroRNA profiles in hippocampal granule cells and plasma of rats with pilocarpine-induced epilepsy - Comparison with human epileptic samplesRoncon, P; Soukupovà, M; Binaschi, A; Falcicchia, C; Zucchini, S; Ferracin, M; Langley, S.R ; Petretto, E; Johnson, M.R; Marucci, G; Michelucci, R; Rubboli, G; Simonato, M
82019Unbiased Profiling of Isogenic Huntington Disease hPSC-Derived CNS and Peripheral Cells Reveals Strong Cell-Type Specificity of CAG Length EffectsOoi, J.; Langley, S.R. ; Xu, X.; Utami, K.H.; Sim, B.; Huang, Y.; Harmston, N.P. ; Tay, Y.L.; Ziaei, A.; Zeng, R.; Low, D.; Aminkeng, F.; Sobota, R.M.; Ginhoux, F.; Petretto, E.; Pouladi, M.A.