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Ng Wai Yee
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Ng, W.-Y.
Ng, W.Y.
Yee, N.W.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12009Acceptance of information and communication technologies for healthcare delivery: A SingHealth Polyclinics studyLuo, N. ; Ng, W.-Y. ; Yau, J.W.-K.; Lim, L.-K.; Sim, S.S.-P.; Tay, E.-G.; Koh, W.-P. 
22013Excessive daytime sleepiness is associated with longer culprit lesion and adverse outcomes in patients with coronary artery diseaseLee, C.-H.; Ng, W.-Y. ; Hau, W.; Ho, H.-H.; Tai, B.-C. ; Chan, M.Y.; Richards, A.M.; Tan, H.-C.
31-Nov-2013Exploring the use of the Dementia Management Strategies Scale in caregivers of persons with dementia in SingaporeTan, L.; Yap, P.; Ng, W.Y. ; Luo, N. 
42010Gain in alzheimer care INstrument-A new scale to measure caregiving gains in dementiaYap, P.; Luo, N. ; Ng, W.Y. ; Chionh, H.L.; Lim, J.; Goh, J.
52010Gain in alzheimer care INstrument-A new scale to measure caregiving gains in dementiaYap, P.; Luo, N. ; Ng, W.Y. ; Chionh, H.L.; Lim, J. ; Goh, J.
6Jun-2011Health-related quality of life is associated with diabetic complications, but not with short-term diabetic control in primary careQuah, J.H.M.; Luo, N. ; Ng, W.Y. ; How, C.H.; Tay, E.G.
72010Predicting gains in dementia caregivingLiew, T.M.; Yap, P.; Chionh, H.L.; Goh, J.; Luo, N. ; Ng, W.Y. 
82010Predicting gains in dementia caregivingLiew, T.M.; Luo, N. ; Ng, W.Y. ; Chionh, H.L.; Goh, J.; Yap, P.
9Jun-2013Relationship between apnoea-hypopnoea index and angiographic coronary disease phenotypes in patients presenting with acute myocardial infarctionHein, T.; Loo, G.; Ng, W.-Y. ; Tai, B.-C. ; Kajiya, T.; Tan, A.; Khoo, S.-M.; Chan, M.; Low, A.F.; Chia, B.-L.; Richards, M.; Lee, C.-H.
102010Responsiveness of the EQ-5D and 8-item Parkinson's Disease Questionnaire (PDQ-8) in a 4-year follow-up studyLuo, N. ; Ng, W.-Y. ; Lau, P.-N.; Au, W.-L. ; Tan, L.C.
112014Risk factors for hospital and long-Term mortality of critically ill elderly patients admitted to an intensive care unitMukhopadhyay A. ; Tai B.C. ; See K.C. ; Ng W.Y. ; Lim T.K. ; Onsiong S.; Ee S.; Chua M.J.; Lee P.R.; Loh M.L.; Phua J. 
12Apr-2012Suicide in young singaporeans aged 10-24 years between 2000 to 2004Loh, C.; Tai, B.-C. ; Ng, W.-Y. ; Chia, A.; Chia, B.-H.
13Oct-2011Suicide methods in Singapore (2000-2004): Types and associationsChia, B.-H.; Chia, A.; Ng, W.-Y. ; Tai, B.-C. 
14Jul-2010Suicide trends in Singapore: 1955-2004Chia, B.-H.; Chia, A.; Yee, N.W. ; Choo, T.B. 
15Oct-2010Validity and reliability of the zarit burden interview in assessing caregiving burdenSeng, B.K.; Luo, N. ; Ng, W.Y. ; Lim, J.; Chionh, H.L.; Goh, J.; Yap, P.
16Jan-2011Why family caregivers choose to institutionalize a loved one with dementia: A singapore perspectiveTew, C.W.; Tan, L.F.; Luo, N. ; Ng, W.Y. ; Yap, P.