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Tan, T.C.
Tan, T.-C.


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12017A Novel Human Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Model in Humanised Mice /631/250/38 /631/250/256/2515 /13/21 articleGunawan, M; Her, Z; Liu, M; Tan, S.Y; Chan, X.Y; Tan, W.W.S; Dharmaraaja, S; Fan, Y; Ong, C.B; Loh, E; Chang, K.T.E ; Tan, T.C ; Chan, J.K.Y ; Chen, Q 
2Sep-2007An end to "see one, do one and teach one" residency training programme - Impact of the training, education, surgical accreditation and assessment (TESA) programme on medical care and patients' safetyTan, T.-C. ; Tan, K.-T.; Tee, J.C.S.
32017Hepatitis C virus mediated chronic inflammation and tumorigenesis in the humanised immune system and liver mouse modelZheng Z. ; Sze C.W. ; Keng C.T.; Al-Haddawi M.; Liu M.; Tan S.Y.; Kwek H.L.; Her Z.; Chan X.Y.; Barnwal B.; Loh E.; Chang K.T.E. ; Tan T.C. ; Tan Y.-J. ; Chen Q. 
428-Jan-2014Human natural killer cells control Plasmodium falciparum infection by eliminating infected red blood cellsChen, Q.; Amaladoss, A.; Ye, W.; Liu, M.; Dummler, S.; Kong, F.; Wong, L.H.; Loo, H.L.; Loh, E.; Tan, S.Q.; Tan, T.C. ; Chang, K.T.E.; Dao, M.; Suresh, S.; Preiser, P.R.; Chen, J.
52019Macronutrient composition and food groups associated with gestational weight gain: the GUSTO studyLai J.S.; Soh S.E. ; Loy S.L. ; Colega M. ; Kramer M.S.; Chan J.K.Y. ; Tan T.C. ; Shek L.P.C. ; Yap F.K.P. ; Tan K.H. ; Godfrey K.M.; Chong Y.S. ; Chong M.F.F. 
62018Serum progesterone distribution in normal pregnancies compared to pregnancies complicated by threatened miscarriage from 5 to 13 weeks gestation: A prospective cohort studyKu, C.W; Allen, J.C ; Lek, S.M; Chia, M.L; Tan, N.S; Tan, T.C 
7Dec-2012Treatment of recurrent vulvo-vaginal candidiasis with sustained-release butoconazole pessaryHeng, L.Z.; Chen, Y.; Tan, T.C. 
82017Validation of serum progesterone <35nmol/L as a predictor of miscarriage among women with threatened miscarriageLek, S.M ; Ku, C.W; Allen, J.C ; Malhotra, R ; Tan, N.S; Østbye, T ; Tan, T.C