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11-Feb-2021COVID-19 and Elective Surgery: 7 Practical Tips for a Safe, Successful, and Sustainable RebootLiang, ZC; Chong, MSY; Liu, GKP; Valle, AGD; Wang, D; Lyu, X; Chang, CH; Cho, TJ; Haas, SB; Fisher, D ; Murphy, D ; Hui, JHP 
213-Apr-2022IMPROVING THE PERFORMANCE OF HOSPITAL FRAILTY RISK SCORE RO IDENTIFY CLINICAL FRAILTY AT THE BEDSIDE: A RETROSPECTIVE OBSERVATIONAL STUDYSoong, Tshon Yit John ; Choe, Rachel; Anandraj Selva Rajoo; Santoso, Erna Gondo ; Kumari, Shikha ; Murphy, Diarmuid Paul ; Merchant, reshma
322-May-2020Medications in COVID-19 patients: summarizing the current literature from an orthopaedic perspectiveTan, Si Heng Sharon; Hong, Choon Chiet; Saha, Soura; Murphy, Diarmuid ; Hui, James Hoipo
46-May-2020Novel Coronavirus and Orthopaedic Surgery Early Experiences from SingaporeChang Liang, Zhen; Wang, Wilson ; Murphy, Diarmuid ; Po Hui, James Hoi
56-Jun-2022Outcomes of Care by Geriatricians and Non-geriatricians in an Academic HospitalMerchant, Reshma Aziz ; Ho, Vanda Wen Teng; Chen, Matthew Zhixuan ; Wong, Beatrix Ling Ling ; Lim, Zhiying; Chan, Yiong Huak ; Ling, Natalie; Ng, Shu Ee; Santosa, Amelia ; Murphy, Diarmuid ; Vathsala, Anantharaman 
62015"Publish or perish"-presentations at annual national orthopaedic meetings and their correlation with subsequent publicationDaruwalla, Z.J; Huq, S.S; Wong, K.L; Nee, P.Y; Murphy, D.P 
72015Statistical atlas-based morphological variation analysis of the asian humerus: Towards consistent allometric implant positioningWu K.; Wong K.L.; Ng S.J.K.; Quek S.T. ; Zhou B.; Murphy D.P. ; Daruwalla Z.J.; Ren H.