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116-Aug-2021Adsorptive hemofiltration for sepsis managementZhang, Ling; Cove, Matthew ; Nguyen, Binh G; Lumlertgul, Nuttha; Ganesh, Kartik; Chan, Alfred; Bui, Giang TH; Guo, Chunwen; Li, Junhua; Liu, Songqiao; Peng, Mian; Foong, Kit W; Zhang, Jian; Wang, Minmin; Goldstein, Jacques; Harenski, Kai
21-Oct-2015After hours admission to icu - impact on mortalityHP Chan ; Z Puthucheary ; M Cove ; A Mukhopadhyay ; J Phua ; HS Yip 
32017Age related inverse dose relation of sedatives and analgesics in the intensive care unitMukhopadhyay A. ; Tai B.C. ; Remani D.; Phua J. ; Cove M.E. ; Kowitlawakul Y. 
42010Central extracorporeal membrane oxygenation for septic shock in an adult with H1N1 influenzaMacLaren G ; Cove M. ; Kofidis T. 
55-Apr-2021Clinical features and predictors of severity in COVID-19 patients with critical illness in Singapore.Ser Hon Puah; Puah, Ser Hon; Young, Barnaby Edward; Chia, Po Ying; Ho, Vui Kian ; Loh, Jiashen; Gokhale, Roshni Sadashiv ; Tan, Seow Yen; Sewa, Duu Wen ; Kalimuddin, Shirin ; Tan, Chee Keat; Pada, Surinder KMS; Cove, Matthew Edward ; Chai, Louis Yi Ann ; Parthasarathy, Purnima; Ho, Benjamin Choon Heng; Ng, Jensen Jiansheng; Ling, Li Min ; Abisheganaden, John A; Lee, Vernon JM ; Tan, Cher Heng; Lin, Raymond TP; Leo, Yee Sin ; Lye, David C ; Yeo, Tsin Wen
62015Disrupting differential hypoxia in peripheral veno-arterial extracorporeal membrane oxygenationCove, M.E 
72015Ethical dilemmas in adult ECMO: emerging conceptual challengesRAMANATHAN K.R. ; Cove M ; Caleb MG ; Teoh KL ; MacLaren G 
8Dec-2017Extracorporeal CO2 removal by hemodialysis: in vitro model and feasibility.May, Alexandra G; Sen, Ayan; Cove, Matthew E ; Kellum, John A; Federspiel, William J
92011Factors associated with the development of acute heart failure in critically ill patients with severe pandemic 2009 influenza (H1N1) infection (reply)�MacLaren G ; Cove M ; Kofidis T 
102014Fluid resuscitation in sepsis: Reexamining the paradigmMadhusudan, P; Vijayaraghavan, B.K.T; Cove, M.E 
111-Jan-2021High-flow nasal cannula therapy: A multicentred survey of the practices among physicians and respiratory therapists in SingaporePuah, SH; Li, A; MATTHEW EDWARD COVE ; Phua, J; Ng, V; Kansal, A; Tan, QL; Sahagun, JT; Taculod, J; TAN YONG HUI ADDY ; Mukhopadhyay, A. ; Tay, CK; Ramanathan, K; Chia, YW; Sewa, DW; Chew, M; Lew, SJW; GOH CHOON KEE SHIRLEY ; Dhanvijay, S; Tan, JJE; See, K.C. 
12Jun-2023Inflammatory phenotypes may be more important than age and comorbidities in predicting clinical outcomes in hospitalised patients with COVID-19Ngiam, Jinghao Nicholas; Koh, Matthew CY; Liong, Tze Sian; Sim, Meng Ying; Chhabra, Srishti; Goh, Wilson; Chew, Nicholas WS; Sia, Ching-Hui ; Goon, Peter KC ; Soong, John TY ; Tambyah, Paul Anantharajah ; Cove, Matthew Edward 
1331-May-2021Optimising the timing of renal replacement therapy in acute kidney injuryCove, Matthew E ; MacLaren, Graeme; Brodie, Daniel; Kellum, John A
141-Mar-2022Pre- and apnoeic high-flow oxygenation for rapid sequence intubation in the emergency department (the Pre-AeRATE trial): A multicentre randomised controlled trialChua, Mui Teng ; Ng, Wei Ming; Lu, Qingshu ; Low, Matthew Jian Wen; Punyadasa, Amila; Cove, Matthew Edward ; Yau, Ying Wei ; Khan, Faheem Ahmed; Kuan, Win Sen 
151-Mar-2022Quantification of respiratory effort magnitude in spontaneous breathing patients using Convolutional AutoencodersAng, Christopher Yew Shuen; Chiew, Yeong Shiong; Vu, Lien Hong; Cove, Matthew E 
161-Feb-2021Rethinking Alveolar Ventilation and CO2 RemovalCove, Matthew E ; Pinsky, Michael R
171-Apr-2020The End of the Bicarbonate Era? A Therapeutic Application of the Stewart ApproachCove, Matthew ; Kellum, John A
182015Veno-venous extracorporeal CO2 removal for the treatment of severe respiratory acidosisCove, M.E ; Federspiel, W.J
1915-Sep-2020Whither the Bicarbonate Era ReplyCove, Matthew E ; Kellum, John A