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Liew Oi Wah
Liew, Oi Wah
Liew, O.W.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12015A direct heating model to overcome the edge effect in microplatesLau Chun Yat; Alifa Afiah Ahmad Zahidi; Liew Oi Wah ; Ng Tuck Wah
231-Jan-2014A His6-SUMO-eXact tag for producing human prepro-Urocortin 2 in Escherichia coli for raising monoclonal antibodiesLiew, O.W. ; Ang, C.X.; Peh, Y.P.; Chong, P.C.J.; Ng, Y.X.; Hwang, L.-A.; Koh, X.Y.; Yip, Y.M.; Liu, W.; Richards, A.M.
35-Sep-2013Contact angle and volume retention effects from capillary bridge evaporation in biochemical microplatingHunyh, T.; Muradoglu, M.; Liew, O.W. ; Ng, T.W.
426-Jul-2012Discovery of novel small molecule inhibitors of dengue viral NS2B-NS3 protease using virtual screening and scaffold hoppingDeng, J.; Li, N.; Liu, H.; Zuo, Z.; Liew, O.W. ; Xu, W.; Chen, G.; Tong, X.; Tang, W.; Zhu, J.; Zuo, J.; Jiang, H.; Yang, C.-G.; Li, J.; Zhu, W.
52015Drop transfer between superhydrophobic wells using air logic controlVuong Thach; Cheong Huey Ping Brandon; Huynh So Hung; Muradoglu Murat; Liew Oi Wah ; Ng Tuck Wah
63-Apr-2019Growth measurement of surface colonies of bacteria using augmented realityArdan Wildan; Brandon Huey-Ping Cheong; Kevin Xiao; Oi Wah Liew ; Tuck Ng
72016High-sensitivity sandwich ELISA for plasma NT-proUcn2: Plasma concentrations and relationship to mortality in heart failureLiew, O.W ; Yandle, T.G; Chong, J.P.C ; Ng, Y.X ; Frampton, C.M; Ng, T.P ; Lam, C.S.P ; Richards, A.M 
82015Intracellular Adenosine Triphosphate Deprivation through Lanthanide-Doped NanoparticlesTian Jing; Zeng Xiao; Xie Xiaoji ; Han Sanyang ; Liew Oi Wah ; Chen Yei Tsung ; Wang Lianhui; Liu Xiaogang 
91-Nov-2012Microplate well coverage mixing using superhydrophobic contactVuong, T.; Cheong, B.H.-P.; Lye, J.K.K.; Liew, O.W. ; Ng, T.W.
101-May-2013Microplates based on liquid bridges between glass rodsCheong, B.H.P.; Lye, J.K.K.; Backhous, S.; Liew, O.W. ; Ng, T.W.
112018MicroRNA-143 modulates the expression of Natriuretic Peptide Receptor 3 in cardiac cellsWang, J ; Tong, K.S ; Wong, L.L ; Liew, O.-W ; Raghuram, D ; Richards, A.M ; Chen, Y.-T 
12Aug-2013MRT letter: Micro- to nanoscale sample collection for high throughput microscopyCheong, B.H.-P.; Liew, O.W. ; Wah Ng, T.
131-May-2015Natriuretic peptide receptor 3 (NPR3) is regulated by microRNA-100Wong, Lee Lee ; Wee, Abby S.Y.; Lim, Jia Yuen ; Ng, Yan Xia, Jessica ; Chong, Jenny P.C.; Lew, Oi Wah ; Shera, Lilyanna ; Valencia, Eliana C. Martinez ; Ackers-Johnson, Matthew Andrew ; Vardy, Leah A.; Arunmozhiarasi, Armugam ; Kandiah, Jeyaseelan ; Ng, Tze Pin ; Lam, Su Ping, Carolyn ; Foo, Roger S.Y.; Richards, Arthur Mark ; Chen, Yei-Tsung 
141997Parameters influencing the expression of mature glial-cell-line-derived neurotrophic factor in Escherichia coliLiew, O.W. ; CHOO BOON HWA,ANDRE ; Too, H.P.
159-Apr-2013Precise drop dispensation on superhydrophobic surfaces using acoustic nebulizationLiew, Oi Wah ; Vuong, Thach; Qi, Aisha; Muradoglu, Murat; Cheong, Brandon Huey-Ping; Ang, Cui Xia; Fu, Jing; Yeo, Leslie; Friend, James
162008Signature optical cues: Emerging technologies for monitoring plant healthLiew, O.W ; Chong, P.C.J; Li, B; Asundi, A.K
172018Simultaneous Multidrop Creation with Superhydrophobic Wells for Field Environmental Sensing of NanoparticlesChung D.C.K.; Huynh S.H.; Ahmad Zahidi A.A.; Liew O.W. ; Ng T.W. 
182014Squeezed flow preconcentration for probe tip biosensorsCheong, B.H.-P.; Liew, O.W. ; Ng, T.W.
191-Feb-2017Superior performance of N-terminal pro brain natriuretic peptide for diagnosis of acute decompensated heart failure in an Asian compared with a Western settingIbrahim, Irwani ; Sen Kuan, Win ; Frampton, Chris; Troughton, Richard; Liew, Oi Wah ; Chong, Jenny Pek Ching ; Chan, Siew Pang ; Tan, Li Ling ; Lin, Wei Qin ; Pemberton, Chris J; Ooi, Shirley Beng Suat ; Richards, A Mark 
2015-Jan-2013Surface-scribed transparency-based microplatesLi, X.Y.; Cheong, B.H.-P.; Somers, A.; Liew, O.W. ; Ng, T.W.