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Ng Tuck Wah
(not current staff)
Ng, Tuck-Wah
Ng, T.W.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11994A digital shearing speckle interferometry technique for modal analysisNg, T.W. ; Chau, F.S. 
21992A real-time digital shearing speckle interferometerChau, F.S. ; Ng, T.W. 
3Oct-2003A slider-crank experiment to determine the action of static forcesNg, T.W. 
4Apr-2000Aesthetic laser marking assessmentNg, T.W. ; Yeo, S.C.
5Mar-2001Aesthetic laser marking assessment using luminance ratiosNg, T.W. ; Yeo, S.C.
631-Aug-2000Aesthetic laser marking assessment using spectrophotometersNg, T.W. ; Yeo, S.C.
7Jul-2005An experiment on the gyroscopic effectNg, T.W. 
8Aug-1997Analysis of the optical reconstruction of shearograms using oblique illuminationNg, T.W. 
91-Jun-1994Automated analysis in digital speckle shearing interferometry using an object step-loading methodNg, T.W. ; Chau, F.S. 
101-Jul-2006Cantilever deflection profile in scanning probe microscopyNg, T.W. ; Thirunavukkarasu, S.
112005Cheap color evaluation of dye-based pressure sensitive films for plantar studiesYeong, W.K.; Ng, T.W. 
121-Sep-1996Circular grating moiré deflectometry analysis by zeroth and first radial fringe order angle measurementNg, T.W. 
132004Compressed data for temporal fringe analysis in interferometryNg, T.W. ; Ang, K.T.
142000Creating a Multiple-choice Self-marking Engine on the InternetNg, T.W. 
1510-May-2005Data compression for speckle correlation interferometry temporal fringe pattern analysisNg, T.W. ; Ang, K.T.
16Aug-1994Dependence of fringe contrast on phase statistics in speckle correlation interferometryNg, T.W. ; Chau, F.S. 
171-Apr-1995Derivation of phase in computer-aided photoelasticityNg, T.W. 
181997Derivation of retardation phase in computer-aided photoelasticity by using carrier fringe phase shiftingNg, T.W. 
191993Determining the optimum image recording conditions in shearography based on spatial frequency considerationsChau, Fook S. ; Ng, Tuck-Wah 
201-Mar-2007Digital readout manometer using an optical mouseNg, T.W. ; Cheong, T.L.; Sheridan, J.