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Oon Cheong Ooi
Ooi, O.C.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Apr-2021A rare case of ectopic retrosternal goiterOh, SL; Chia, CLK; Ooi, OC ; Sonawane, V; Rao, AD; Singaporewalla, R 
21-Jan-2021Effect of Renin-Angiotensin System Inhibitors on Acute Kidney Injury Among Patients Undergoing Cardiac Surgery: A Review and Meta-AnalysisZhou, Han; Xie, Jingui; Zheng, Zhichao; Ooi, Oon Cheong ; Luo, Haidong
325-Mar-2022Impact of restrictive red blood cell transfusion strategy on thrombosis-related events: A meta-analysis and systematic reviewMaimaitiming, Mairehaba; Zhang, Chenxiao; Xie, Jingui; Zheng, Zhichao; Luo, Haidong; Ooi, Oon Cheong 
4Jul-2011Interatrial septal thrombus-in-transit despite severe mitral regurgitationPoh, K.K. ; Ooi, O.C. 
53-Aug-2021The moderating effect of solar radiation on the association between human mobility and COVID-19 infection in EuropeZhao, Wenyu; Zhu, Yongjian; Xie, Jingui; Zheng, Zhichao; Luo, Haidong; Ooi, Oon Cheong 
62-Aug-2019To extubate or not to extubate: Risk factors for extubation failure and deterioration with further mechanical ventilationXie, Jingui; Cheng, Guang ; Zheng, Zhichao; Luo, Haidong; Ooi, Oon Cheong 
711-Nov-2019Validation of prognostic accuracy of the SOFA score, SIRS criteria, and qSOFA score for in-hospital mortality among cardiac-, thoracic-, and vascular-surgery patients admitted to a cardiothoracic intensive care unitZhang, Yuchong; Luo, Haidong; Wang, Hai; Zheng, Zhichao; Ooi, Oon Cheong