Full Name
Chan Ghee Koh
Chan, G.K.
Chan Ghee Koh
Koh, Chan Ghee
Koh, C.G.
Chan-Ghee Koh
Koh C.G.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Feb-2003A hybrid computational strategy for identification of structural parametersKoh, C.G. ; Chen, Y.F.; Liaw, C.-Y. 
223-Mar-2012A new particle method for simulation of incompressible free surface flow problemsKoh, C.G. ; Gao, M. ; Luo, C. 
320-Feb-2007A numerical method for moving load on continuumKoh, C.G. ; Chiew, G.H.; Lim, C.C.
417-Jun-2019A Particle Method for Simulation of Submarine Landslides and MudflowsCHOW YEAN KHOW ; Li, Siyu; KOH CHAN GHEE 
51988A simple mechanical model for elastomeric bearings used in base isolationKoh, C.G. ; Kelly, J.M.
69-Mar-1995A substructure approach to dynamic soil-structure interaction due to incident plane wavesKoh, C.G. ; Ho, Y.C.; Balendra, T. 
710-Nov-2005Accessibility of compact structures and prion-like protein folding propertyChen, H. ; Chan, G.K. ; Chih, Y.L. ; Zhou, X.
81997An eigen-force method for finite element analysis and reanalysisKoh, C.G. ; Ang, K.K. ; Xu, R.
92013An Evolutionary Divide-and-Conquer Strategy for Structural IdentificationKoh, C.G. ; Trinh, T.N.
10Dec-2012An improved substructural identification strategy for large structural systemsTrinh, T.N.; Koh, C.G. 
11Jan-2001Analytical solution for compression stiffness of bonded rectangular layersKoh, C.G. ; Lim, H.L.
128-Nov-1990Antiplane tunnel-soil-foundation interaction effects on primary-secondary systemsKoh, C.G. ; Balendra, T. ; Ho, Y.C.
13Sep-1989Applicability of the Southwell plot to shear deformable columnsKoh, Chan Ghee ; Kelly, James M.
141990Application of fractional derivatives to seismic analysis of base- isolated modelsChan Ghee Koh ; Kelly, J.M.
15Feb-1990Application of fractional derivatives to seismic analysis of base-isolated modelsKoh, Chan Ghee ; Kelly, James M.
1611-Nov-2008Axisymmetric transverse vibrations of circular cylindrical shells with variable thicknessDuan, W.H. ; Koh, C.G. 
1715-May-2008Buckling of a stiff thin film on a compliant substrate in large deformationSong, J.; Jiang, H.; Liu, Z.J.; Khang, D.Y.; Huang, Y.; Rogers, J.A.; Lu, C.; Koh, C.G. 
18Jan-2013Buckling strength of slender circular tubular steel braces strengthened by CFRPGao, X.Y.; Balendra, T. ; Koh, C.G. 
192008Complementary metal oxide silicon integrated circuits incorporating monolithically integrated stretchable wavy interconnectsKim, D.-H.; Choi, W.M.; Ahn, J.-H.; Kim, H.-S.; Song, J.; Huang, Y.; Liu, Z.; Lu, C.; Koh, C.G. ; Rogers, J.A.
20Jul-1989Complex dynamics of simple structural systemsLiaw, C.Y. ; Koh, C.G. ; Fong, P.K.