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Ser Tong Quek
Quek, S-T.
Ang, L.P.K.
Tong, Q.S.
Quek, S.-T.
Quek, S.T.
Ser-Tong Quek
Tong Quek, S.
Quek, Ser-Tong

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jan-2002A model for the analysis of beams with embedded piezoelectric layersWang, Q. ; Quek, S.T. 
22001A note on wavelet-based method for damage detectionZhang, L.; Quek, S.T. ; Wang, Q. 
32009A novel ring type ultrasonic motor with multiple wavenumbers: Design, fabrication and characterizationDuan, W.H.; Quek, S.T. ; Wang, Q.
4Sep-2012A power-law rheology-based finite element model for single cell deformationZhou, E.H.; Xu, F.; Quek, S.T. ; Lim, C.T. 
5Jun-2010Acoustic wave in piezoelectric coupled plates with open circuitWang, Q.; Wu, N.; Quek, S.T. 
62013Active control of a smart composite with shape memory alloy sheet using a plastic optical fiber sensorKuang, K.S.C. ; Quek, S.T. ; Cantwell, W.J.
7May-2006An application of a plastic optical fiber sensor and genetic algorithm for structural health monitoringKuang, K.S.C. ; Maalej, M. ; Quek, S.T. 
82018An Improved Immersed Boundary Method with New Forcing Point Searching Scheme for Simulation of Bodies in Free Surface FlowsYan, Bin ; Bai, Wei; Quek, Ser Tong 
9Apr-2001Analysis of piezoelectric coupled circular plateWang, Q. ; Quek, S.T. ; Sun, C.T.; Liu, X.
1012-Apr-2002Analytical solution for free vibration of piezoelectric coupled moderately thick circular platesLiu, X.; Wang, Q. ; Quek, S.T. 
11May-2005Analytical solution for shear horizontal wave propagation in piezoelectric coupled media by interdigital transducerWang, Q.; Quek, S.T. ; Varadan, V.K.
128-May-2003Analytical solution of excitation of Lamb waves in plates by inter-digital transducersJin, J.; Quek, S.T. ; Wang, Q. 
132010Applications of piezoelectric materials in structural health monitoring and repair: Selected research examplesDuan, W.H.; Wang, Q.; Quek, S.T. 
14Oct-2004Assessment of an extrinsic polymer-based optical fibre sensor for structural health monitoringKuang, K.S.C. ; Quek, S.T. ; Maalej, M. 
152012Behavior of hybrid fiber ecc panels subjected to low and high velocity projectile impact-a reviewMaalej, M.; Quek, S.T. ; Zhang, J. ; Lin, V.W.J.
16Mar-2005Behavior of hybrid-fiber engineered cementitious composites subjected to dynamic tensile loading and projectile impactMaalej, M. ; Quek, S.T. ; Zhang, J. 
17May-2004Comparison between Karhunen-Loeve and wavelet expansions for simulation of Gaussian processesPhoon, K.K. ; Huang, H.W.; Quek, S.T. 
18Mar-2007Comparison between Karhunen-Loève expansion and translation-based simulation of non-Gaussian processesLi, L.B.; Phoon, K.K. ; Quek, S.T. 
192004Comparison of plain piezoceramics and inter-digital transducer for crack detection in platesQuek, S.T. ; Jin, J.; Tua, P.S.
20Sep-2007Comparison of plain piezoceramics and inter-digital transducer for crack detection in platesQuek, S.T. ; Tua, P.S.; Jin, J.