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Ang Kok Keng
Keng, A.K.
Ang, K.-K.
Ang, K.K.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Feb-2004A dynamic project allocation algorithm for a distributed expert systemCheung, Y. ; Hong, G.M. ; Ang, K.K. 
2Dec-2009A higher-order plate element for accurate prediction of interlaminar stresses in laminated composite platesRamesh, S.S.; Wang, C.M. ; Reddy, J.N. ; Ang, K.K. 
3Jan-2006A study of interaction between embedded SMA fibers and host materialXu, Z.J.; Ang, K.K. ; Wang, Q. 
42009Accurate modeling of buckling of single-and double-walled carbon nanotubes based on shell theoriesKulathunga, D.D.T.K.; Ang, K.K. ; Reddy, J.N.
52020Advanced nanoindentation simulations for carbon nanotube reinforced nanocompositesAhmed, K.S.; Ibrahim, I.; Keng, A.K. 
61997An eigen-force method for finite element analysis and reanalysisKoh, C.G. ; Ang, K.K. ; Xu, R.
7Jul-2013An improved shear-lag model for carbon nanotube reinforced polymer compositesAng, K.K. ; Ahmed, K.S.
8Jan-1994Beam-buckling analysis via automated Rayleigh-Ritz methodWang, C.M. ; Wang, L. ; Ang, K.K. 
91988Buckling capacities of braced heavy columns under an axial loadWang, C.M. ; Ang, K.K. 
10Feb-2006Buckling enhancement of epoxy columns using embedded shape memory alloy spring actuatorsHan, H.P.; Ang, K.K. ; Wang, Q.; Taheri, F.
111-Jun-2006Buckling of double-walled carbon nanotubes modeled by solid shell elementsWang, C.M. ; Ma, Y.Q.; Zhang, Y.Y. ; Ang, K.K. 
12Jun-2008Buckling of super ellipsoidal shells under uniform pressureMa, Y.Q.; Wang, C.M. ; Ang, K.K. 
13Nov-1991Calculation of effectiveness factors for spherical shells using shooting techniqueWang, C.M. ; Ong, S.L. ; Ang, K.K. 
14Oct-2008Computation of stress resultants in plate bending problems using higher-order triangular elementsRamesh, S.S.; Wang, C.M. ; Reddy, J.N. ; Ang, K.K. 
152007Coupled interaction problem between liquid sloshing, multi-containers and ship motionVan Hai, L.; Ang, K.K. ; Wang, C.M. 
162008Development of higher-order triangular elements for better prediction of stress-resultants in plateRamesh, S.S.; Wang, C.M. ; Reddy, J.N. ; Ang, K.K. 
17Dec-2000Displacement control of Timoshenko beams via induced strain actuatorsAng, K.K. ; Reddy, J.N.; Wang, C.M. 
182003Dynamic analysis of shell structures with application to blast resistant doorsKoh, C.G. ; Ang, K.K. ; Chan, P.F.
19Feb-2004Dynamic stability analysis of finite element modeling of piezoelectric composite platesWang, S.Y.; Quek, S.T. ; Ang, K.K. 
20Aug-2007Effectiveness and optimal design of gill cells in minimizing differential deflection in circular VLFSWang, C.M. ; Pham, D.C.; Ang, K.K.