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Kiang Hwee Tan
Tan, K.H.
Tan, Kiang-Hwee
Hwee, T.K.
Tan, K.-H.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Sep-2009A direct design approach for strengthening simple-span beams with external posttensioningTan, K.H. ; Kong, D.
22003Anchorage systems for masonry walls strengthened with FRP composite laminatesTan, K.H. ; Patoary, M.K.H.; Roger, C.S.K.
32006Asian Concrete Model Code 2006: An overview and revisions to Part I on designTan, K.H. 
4Nov-1997Back-calculation of parameters for slab on two-layer foundation systemShuo, L.; Fwa, T.F. ; Tan, K.H. 
51-Jun-2021Behavior of concrete modular multi-purpose floating structuresJiang, D; Tan, KH ; Dai, J; Ang, KK ; Nguyen, HP
6Mar-2001Behavior of simple-span reinforced concrete beams locally strengthened with external tendonsTan, K.-H. ; Farooq, M.A.-A.; Ng, C.-K.
7Sep-1995Behaviour of strengthened RC T-beamsOng, K.C.G. ; Tan, K.H. ; Mansur, M.A. ; Natarajan, S.M.
8Jun-2003Blast resistance of FRP-strengthened masonry wallsPatoary, K.Md.H.; Tan, K.H. 
92009Blast resistance of FRP-strengthened masonry walls. I: Approximate analysis and field explosion testsTan, K.H. ; Patoary, M.K.H.
101999Closed-form and semi-closed-form algorithms for backcalculation of concrete pavement parametersFwa, T.F. ; Tan, K.H. ; Li, S.
11Jan-1996Closed-form back-calculation of rigid-pavement parametersShuo, L.; Fwa, T.F.; Tan, K.H. 
121-Oct-2018Cloud Arch: EPS Composites for Ultra-lightweight Long-span StructuresSHINYA OKUDA ; TAN KIANG HWEE 
132008Compressive strength of sandless concreteDu, H.J.; Tan, K.H. 
14Jan-2014Concrete with recycled glass as fine aggregatesDu, H.; Tan, K.H. 
152011Confinement model for capsule-shaped concrete columnsTan, K.H. ; Bhowmik, T.
16Jun-2013Confinement model for FRP-bonded capsule-shaped concrete columnsTan, K.H. ; Bhowmik, T.; Balendra, T. 
171994Constitutive relation for steel fibre concrete under biaxial compressionTan, K.H. ; Murugappan, K.; Paramasivam, P. 
1826-Jun-2021Correlations among notched beam tests, double punch tests and round panel tests for a high performance fibre concrete cast at siteTan, Kiang Hwee ; Walraven, Joost; Grunewald, Steffen; Rovers, John; Cotovanu, Bogdan
19Oct-1989Crack control in beams using deformed wire fabricLee, S.L. ; Mansur, M.A. ; Tan, K.H. ; Kasiraju, K.
20Mar-1989Cracking behavior of one-way slabs reinforced with welded wire fabricLee, S.L. ; Mansur, M.A. ; Tan, K.H. ; Kasiraju, K.