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Chien Ming Wang
Wang, Chienming
Wang, C.M.
Ming, W.C.
Wang, C. M.
Wang, Chien Ming
Wang, Chien-Ming
Wang, C.-M.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12006A comparative study on the linear wave response of a very large floating body modelled by a plate based on Kirchhoff and Mindlin plate theoriesWang, C.D. ; Wang, C.M. 
23-May-2001A controllability index for optimal design of piezoelectric actuators in vibration control of beam structuresWang, Q. ; Wang, C.M. 
37-Jan-2013A grillage model for predicting wrinkles in annular graphene under circular shearingZhang, Z. ; Duan, W.H.; Wang, C.M. 
4Dec-2009A higher-order plate element for accurate prediction of interlaminar stresses in laminated composite platesRamesh, S.S.; Wang, C.M. ; Reddy, J.N. ; Ang, K.K. 
52011A molecular dynamics investigation of the torsional responses of defective single-walled carbon nanotubesZhang, Y.Y.; Wang, C.M. ; Xiang, Y.
6Nov-2010A molecular dynamics investigation of the torsional responses of defective single-walled carbon nanotubesZhang, Y.Y.; Wang, C.M. ; Xiang, Y.
721-Aug-2013A molecular dynamics investigation on mechanical properties of hydrogenated graphynesZhang, Y.-Y.; Pei, Q.-X.; Wang, C.-M. ; Cheng, Y.; Zhang, Y.-W.
8Dec-2012A molecular dynamics investigation on thermal conductivity of graphynesZhang, Y.Y.; Pei, Q.X.; Wang, C.M. 
92010A nonlinear van der Waals force model for multiwalled carbon nanotubes modeled by a nested system of cylindrical shellsHe, X.Q.; Kitipornchai, S.; Wang, C.M. ; Xiang, Y.; Zhou, Q.
10Dec-1989A unified approach to optimization of structural members under general constraintsGoh, C.J.; Wang, C.M. 
11Jul-1995Allowance for prebuckling deformations in buckling load relationship between Mindlin and Kirchhoff simply supported plates of general polygonal shapeWang, C.M. 
12Sep-2006An application of differential transformation to stability analysis of heavy columnsChai, Y.H.; Wang, C.M. 
13Sep-2000An overview of the relationships between solutions of the classical and shear deformation plate theoriesReddy, J.N.; Wang, C.M. 
14Feb-2013Analogy of TE waveguide and vibrating plate with sliding edge condition and exact solutionsWang, C.M. ; Wang, C.Y.; Tay, Z.Y. 
15Sep-2005Analysis of metallic waveguides by using least square-based finite difference methodShu, C. ; Wu, W.X.; Wang, C.M. 
162001Analysis of rectangular thick rafts on an elastic half-spaceWang, C.M. ; Chow, Y.K. ; How, Y.C.
17Nov-1997Analytical bending solutions of elastica with one end held while the other end portion slides on a friction supportHe, X.Q.; Wang, C.M. ; Lam, K.Y. 
18Aug-1993Analytical buckling solutions for circular Mindlin plates: inclusion of inplane prebuckling deformationHong, G.M. ; Wang, C.M. ; Tan, T.J.
192014Analytical length scale calibration of nonlocal continuum from a microstructured buckling modelChallamel, N.; Lerbet, J.; Wang, C.M. ; Zhang, Z. 
20Sep-1992Application of Trefftz theory in thin-plate buckling with in-plane pre-buckling deformationsWang, C.M. ; Liew, K.M.; Xiang, Y.; Kitipornchai, S.