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Low Boon Chuan
Low B.C.
Low, B.C.


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11-Jun-2017Actomyosin contractility drives bile regurgitation as an early response during obstructive cholestasisGupta, Kapish ; Li, Qiushi ; Fan, Jun Jun; Fong, Eliza Li Shan ; Song, Ziwei; Mo, Shupei; Tang, Haoyu ; Ng, Inn Chuan ; Ng, Chan Way ; Pawijit, Pornteera; Zhuo, Shuangmu; Dong, Chen-Yuan; Low, Boon Chuan ; Wee, Aileen ; Dan, Yock Young ; Kanchanawong, Pakorn ; So, Peter; Viasnoff, Virgile ; Yu, Hanry 
22020BNIP-2 retards breast cancer cell migration by coupling microtubule-mediated GEF-H1 and RhoA activationPan, M. ; Chew, Ti Weng ; Wong, Darren Chen Pei ; Xiao, J.; Ong, H.T. ; Li Chin, J.F. ; Low, B.C. 
32020Common and unique transcription signatures of YAP and TAZ in gastric cancer cellsLee, Y.; Finch-Edmondson, M. ; Cognart, H. ; Zhu, B.; Song, H.; Chuan, L.B. ; Sudol, M. 
42015Epidermal growth factor activates the Rho GTPase-activating protein (GAP) deleted in liver cancer 1 via focal adhesion kinase and protein phosphatase 2ARavi, A. ; Kaushik, S. ; Ravichandran, A. ; Pan, C.Q. ; Low, B.C. 
52019Hsp90β interacts with MDM2 to suppress p53-dependent senescence during skeletal muscle regenerationHe, M.Y.; Xu, S.B.; Qu, Z.H.; Guo, Y.M.; Liu, X.C.; Cong, X.X.; Wang, J.F.; Low, B.C. ; Li, L.; Wu, Q.; Lin, P.; Yan, S.G.; Bao, Z.; Zhou, Y.T.; Zheng, L.L.
6May-2022Lung Cancer Induces NK Cell Contractility and Cytotoxicity Through Transcription Factor Nuclear LocalizationWong, Darren Chen Pei ; Lee, E Hui Clarissa ; Er, Junzhi; Yow, Ivan ; Koean, Ricky Abdi Gunawan ; Ang, Owen ; Xiao, Jingwei; Low, Boon Chuan ; Ding, Jeak Ling 
72015Mobilities Amid the Production of Fixities: Labor in a Japanese InnYi P.; CHEW LI LI ; Zhang Z.; Ren H.; Wang F.; Cong X.; Zheng L.; Luo Y.; Ouyang H.; Low B.C. ; Zhou Y.T.
82016NuSAP governs chromosome oscillation by facilitating the Kid-generated polar ejection forceLi, C ; Xue, C; Yang, Q ; Low, B.C ; Liou, Y.-C 
92016Structural basis for exploring the allosteric inhibition of human kidney type glutaminaseRamachandran, S ; Pan, C.Q ; Zimmermann, S.C; Duvall, B; Tsukamoto, T; Low, B.C ; Sivaraman, J 
102016Topography induces differential sensitivity on cancer cell proliferation via Rho-ROCK-Myosin contractilityChaudhuri, P.K; Pan, C.Q ; Low, B.C ; Lim, C.T