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12018Agave negatively regulates YAP and TAZ transcriptionally and post-translationally in osteosarcoma cell linesFerraiuolo M.; Pulito C.; Finch-Edmondson M. ; Korita E.; Maidecchi A.; Donzelli S.; Muti P.; Serra M.; Sudol M. ; Strano S.; Blandino G.
22018Biophysical studies and NMR structure of YAP2 WW domain-LATS1 PPxY motif complexes reveal the basis of their interactionVerma, A; Jing-Song, F ; Finch-Edmondson, M.L ; Velazquez-Campoy, A; Balasegaran, S; Sudol, M ; Sivaraman, J 
32016Changes in the folding landscape of the WW domain provide a molecular mechanism for an inherited genetic syndromePucheta-Martinez, E; D'Amelio, N; Lelli, M; Martinez-Torrecuadrada, J.L; Sudol, M ; Saladino, G; Gervasio, F.L
42017Developmental YAPdeltaC determines adult pathology in a model of spinocerebellar ataxia type 1Fujita, K; Mao, Y; Uchida, S; Chen, X; Shiwaku, H; Tamura, T; Ito, H; Watase, K; Homma, H; Tagawa, K; Sudol, M ; Okazawa, H
52016Experimental model for successful liver cell therapy by lenti ttr-yapert2 transduced hepatocytes with tamoxifen control of yap subcellular locationYovchev, M; Jaber, F.L; Lu, Z; Patel, S; Locker, J; Rogler, L.E; Murray, J.W; Sudol, M ; Dabeva, M.D; Zhu, L; Shafritz, D.A
62016Framework to function: Mechanosensitive regulators of gene transcriptionFinch-Edmondson, M ; Sudol, M 
72016ITCH E3 ubiquitin ligase interacts with Ebola virus VP40 to regulate buddingHan, Z; Sagum, C.A; Bedford, M.T; Sidhu, S.S; Sudol, M ; Harty, R.N
82015RUNX2 and TAZ-dependent signaling pathways regulate soluble E-Cadherin levels and tumorsphere formation in breast cancer cellsBrusgard, J.L; Choe, M; Chumsri, S; Renoud, K; MacKerell, A.D; Sudol, M ; Passaniti, A
92015WW domains of the yes-kinase-associated-protein (YAP) transcriptional regulator behave as independent units with different binding preferences for PPxY motif-containing ligandsIglesias-Bexiga M.; Castillo F.; Cobos E.S.; Oka T.; Sudol M. ; Luque I.
102014Yes-Associated Protein (YAP) modulates oncogenic features and radiation sensitivity in endometrial cancerTsujiura M.; Mazack V.; Sudol M. ; Kaspar H.G.; Nash J.; Carey D.J.; Gogoi R.