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Title: Single-cell analysis of EphA clustering phenotypes to probe cancer cell heterogeneity
Authors: Ravasio, Andrea 
Myaing, Myint Z 
Chia, Shumei
Arora, Aditya 
Sathe, Aneesh 
Cao, Elaine Yiqun
Bertocchi, Cristina 
Sharma, Ankur
Arasi, Bakya
Chung, Vin Yee 
Greene, Adrienne C
Tan, Tuan Zea 
Chen, Zhongwen
Ong, Hui Ting 
Iyer, N Gopalakrishna 
Huang, Ruby YunJu 
DasGupta, Ramanuj
Groves, Jay T
Viasnoff, Virgile 
Issue Date: 6-Aug-2020
Publisher: Nature Research
Citation: Ravasio, Andrea, Myaing, Myint Z, Chia, Shumei, Arora, Aditya, Sathe, Aneesh, Cao, Elaine Yiqun, Bertocchi, Cristina, Sharma, Ankur, Arasi, Bakya, Chung, Vin Yee, Greene, Adrienne C, Tan, Tuan Zea, Chen, Zhongwen, Ong, Hui Ting, Iyer, N Gopalakrishna, Huang, Ruby YunJu, DasGupta, Ramanuj, Groves, Jay T, Viasnoff, Virgile (2020-08-06). Single-cell analysis of EphA clustering phenotypes to probe cancer cell heterogeneity. Communications Biology 3. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: The Eph family of receptor tyrosine kinases is crucial for assembly and maintenance of healthy tissues. Dysfunction in Eph signaling is causally associated with cancer progression. In breast cancer cells, dysregulated Eph signaling has been linked to alterations in receptor clustering abilities. Here, we implemented a single-cell assay and a scoring scheme to systematically probe the spatial organization of activated EphA receptors in multiple carcinoma cells. We show that cancer cells retain EphA clustering phenotype over several generations, and the degree of clustering reported for migration potential both at population and single-cell levels. Finally, using patient-derived cancer lines, we probed the evolution of EphA signalling in cell populations that underwent metastatic transformation and acquisition of drug resistance. Taken together, our scalable approach provides a reliable scoring scheme for EphA clustering that is consistent over multiple carcinomas and can assay heterogeneity of cancer cell populations in a cost- and time-effective manner. @ 2020, The Author(s).
Source Title: Communications Biology
ISSN: 23993642
DOI: 10.1038/s42003-020-01136-4
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