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Ong, S.T.
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12014A novel Bcr-Abl-mtor-eIF4a axis regulates IRES-mediated translation of LEF-1Tsai B.P.; Jimenez J.; Lim S. ; Fitzgerald K.D.; Zhang M.; Chuah C.T.H.; Axelrod H.; Nelson L.; Ong S.T. ; Semler B.L.; Waterman M.L.
219-Jun-2018BIM Deletion Polymorphism Profiling Complements Prognostic Values of Risk Scores in Imatinib-treated Asian Chronic Myeloid Leukemia PatientsHein Than; Weng Kit Lye ; Colin Sng; John Allen, S. ; Tiong Ong ; Charles Chuah 
3Feb-2010Effective and selective targeting of leukemia cells using a TORC1/2 kinase inhibitorJanes, M.R.; Limon, J.J.; So, L.; Chen, J.; Lim, R.J.; Chavez, M.A.; Vu, C.; Lilly, M.B.; Mallya, S.; Ong, S.T. ; Konopleva, M.; Martin, M.B.; Ren, P.; Liu, Y.; Rommel, C.; Fruman, D.A.
42014Identification of cis-acting elements and splicing factors involved in the regulation of BIM pre-mRNA splicingJuan W.C.; Roca X.; Ong S.T. 
5Oct-2008Inhibition of polysome assembly enhances imatinib activity against chronic myelogenous leukemia and overcomes imatinib resistanceZhang, M.; Fu, W.; Prabhu, S.; Moore, J.C.; Ko, J.; Kim, J.W.; Druker, B.J.; Trapp, V.; Fruehauf, J.; Gram, H.; Fan, H.Y.; Ong, S.T. 
62014Multi-agent chemotherapy overcomes glucocorticoid resistance conferred by a BIM deletion polymorphism in pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemiaSoh S.X.; Lim J.Y.S. ; Huang J.W.J.; Jiang N. ; Yeoh A.E.J. ; Ong S.T. 
72012The role of protein phosphorylation in therapy resistance and disease progression in chronic myelogenous leukemiaJuan, W.C.; Ong, S.T.