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12016Carcinogenesis of nasopharyngeal carcinoma: An alternate hypothetical mechanismPoh, S.S; Chua, M.L.K ; Wee, J.T.S 
22018Dysregulation of the MiR-449b target TGFBI alters the TGF? pathway to induce cisplatin resistance in nasopharyngeal carcinomaBissey, P.-A; Law, J.H; Bruce, J.P; Shi, W; Renoult, A; Chua, M.L.K ; Yip, K.W; Liu, F.-F
31-Feb-2022Impact of cancer diagnoses on the outcomes of patients with COVID-19: a systematic review and meta-analysisHan, Shuting; Zhuang, Qingyuan ; Chiang, Jianbang ; Tan, Sze Huey ; Chua, Gail Wan Ying ; Xie, Conghua; Chua, Melvin LK ; Soon, Yu Yang ; Yang, Valerie Shiwen 
42018Intra-patient and inter-patient comparisons of DNA damage response biomarkers in Nasopharynx Cancer (NPC): Analysis of NCC0901 randomised controlled trial of induction chemotherapy in locally advanced NPCChua K.L.M. ; Yeo E.L.L. ; Shihabudeen W.A.; Tan S.H. ; Shwe T.T.; Ong E.H.W.; Lam P.Y.P. ; Soo K.C. ; Soong Y.L. ; Fong K.W. ; Tan T.W.K. ; Wee J.T.S. ; Chua M.L.K. 
52018Matrix metalloproteinase-1 facilitates MSC migration via cleavage of IGF-2/IGFBP2 complexGuan, S.P ; Lam, A.T.L; Newman, J.P; Chua, K.L.M; Kok, C.Y.L; Chong, S.T; Chua, M.L.K ; Lam, P.Y.P 
62017Mitochondrial mutations drive prostate cancer aggressionHopkins, J.F; Sabelnykova, V.Y; Weischenfeldt, J; Simon, R; Aguiar, J.A; Alkallas, R; Heisler, L.E; Zhang, J; Watson, J.D; Chua, M.L.K ; Fraser, M; Favero, F; Lawerenz, C; Plass, C; Sauter, G; McPherson, J.D; Van Der Kwast, T; Korbel, J; Schlomm, T; Bristow, R.G; Boutros, P.C
72019Optimal sequencing of chemotherapy with chemoradiotherapy based on TNM stage classification and EBV DNA in locoregionally advanced nasopharyngeal carcinomaLiu, L.-T.; Chua, M.L.K. ; Tao, Y.; Tang, L.-Q.; Mai, H.-Q.
822-May-2019Pan-cancer analysis connects tumor matrisome to immune responseLim, Su Bin; Chua, Melvin Lee Kiang ; Yeong, Joe Poh Sheng; Jin, Swee Jin; Lim, Wan-Teck ; Lim, Chwee Teck 
92020Surgery as an alternative to radiotherapy in early-stage nasopharyngeal carcinoma: innovation at the expense of uncertaintyHuang, L.; Chua, M.L.K. 
102018The evolution of Epstein-Barr virus detection in nasopharyngeal carcinomaLi, Y.Q; Khin, N.S; Chua, M.L.K 
112009Weak expression of cyclooxygenase-2 is associated with poorer outcome in endemic nasopharyngeal carcinoma: Analysis of data from randomized trial between radiation alone versus concurrent chemo-radiation (SQNP-01)Loong, S.L.E; Hwang, J.S.G ; Li, H.H ; Wee, J.T.S ; Yap, S.P; Chua, M.L.K ; Fong, K.W; Tan, T.W.K