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Yeng Po, Paula Lam
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12010FasL and FADD delivery by a glioma-specific and cell cycle-dependent HSV-1 amplicon virus enhanced apoptosis in primary human brain tumorsHo, I.A ; Ng, W.H ; Lam, P.Y 
22017Human mesenchymal stem cells preferentially migrate toward highly oncogenic human hepatocellular carcinoma cells with activated EpCAM signalingEndaya B ; Guan S.P. ; Newman J.P.; Huynh H. ; Sia K.C.; Chong S.T.; Kok C.Y.L.; Chung A.Y.F. ; Liu B.B.; Hui K.M.; Lam P.Y.P. 
32017Interleukin-13 receptor alpha 2 cooperates with EGFRvIII signaling to promote glioblastoma multiformeNewman J.P.; Wang G.Y.; Arima K.; Guan S.P. ; Waters M.R.; Cavenee W.K.; Pan E.; Aliwarga E. ; Chong S.T.; Kok C.Y.L.; Endaya B.B.; Habib A.A.; Horibe T.; Ng W.H. ; Ho I.A.W. ; Hui K.M. ; Kordula T.; Lam P.Y.P. 
42018Intra-patient and inter-patient comparisons of DNA damage response biomarkers in Nasopharynx Cancer (NPC): Analysis of NCC0901 randomised controlled trial of induction chemotherapy in locally advanced NPCChua K.L.M. ; Yeo E.L.L. ; Shihabudeen W.A.; Tan S.H. ; Shwe T.T.; Ong E.H.W.; Lam P.Y.P. ; Soo K.C. ; Soong Y.L. ; Fong K.W. ; Tan T.W.K. ; Wee J.T.S. ; Chua M.L.K. 
52018Matrix metalloproteinase-1 facilitates MSC migration via cleavage of IGF-2/IGFBP2 complexGuan, S.P ; Lam, A.T.L; Newman, J.P; Chua, K.L.M; Kok, C.Y.L; Chong, S.T; Chua, M.L.K ; Lam, P.Y.P 
62018The dimer-dependent catalytic activity of RAF family kinases is revealed through characterizing their oncogenic mutantsYuan, J; Ng, W.H; Lam, P.Y.P ; Wang, Y; Xia, H; Yap, J; Guan, S.P ; Lee, A.S.G ; Wang, M ; Baccarini, M; Hu, J