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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12020A blood RNA transcript signature for TB exposure in household contactsKwan, P.K.W. ; Periaswamy, B. ; De Sessions, P.F.; Lin, W. ; Molton, J.S. ; Naftalin, C.M.; Naim, A.N.M.; Hibberd, Martin L. ; Paton, N.I. 
22017Comparison of diabetic and non-diabetic human leukocytic responses to different capsule types of Klebsiella pneumoniae responsible for causing pyogenic liver abscessLee, I.R ; Sng, E ; Lee, K.-O ; Molton, J.S ; Chan, M; Kalimuddin, S ; Izharuddin, E; Lye, D.C ; Archuleta, S ; Gan, Y.-H 
32016Differential host susceptibility and bacterial virulence factors driving Klebsiella liver abscess in an ethnically diverse populationLee, I.R ; Molton, J.S ; Wyres, K.L; Gorrie, C; Wong, J ; Hoh, C.H ; Teo, J; Kalimuddin, S ; Lye, D.C ; Archuleta, S ; Holt, K.E; Gan, Y.-H 
42015Impact of regional vein thrombosis in patients with Klebsiella pneumoniae liver abscessMolton J.S. ; Chee Y.L. ; Hennedige T.P. ; Venkatesh S.K.; Archuleta S. 
52017International tuberculosis research collaborations within AsiaMolton J.S. ; Singh S. ; Chen L.J.; Paton N.I. 
62013Oral versus intravenous antibiotics for patients with Klebsiella pneumoniae liver abscess: Study protocol for a randomized controlled trialMolton J. ; Phillips R. ; Gandhi M. ; Yoong J. ; Lye D. ; Tan T.T. ; Fisher D. ; Archuleta S. 
72020Perceptions and acceptability of digital interventions among tuberculosis patients in Cambodia: Qualitative study of video-based directly observed therapyRabinovich, L.; Molton, J.S. ; Ooi, Wei Tsang ; Paton, N.I. ; Batra, S.; Yoong, J. 
82018Population genomics of hypervirulent Klebsiella pneumoniae clonal-group 23 reveals early emergence and rapid global disseminationLam M.M.C.; Wyres K.L.; Duchêne S.; Wick R.R.; Judd L.M.; Gan Y.-H. ; Hoh C.-H. ; Archuleta S. ; Molton J.S. ; Kalimuddin S. ; Koh T.H. ; Passet V.; Brisse S.; Holt K.E.
92020Preliminary effects of a mobile interactive supervised therapy intervention on people living with HIV: Pilot randomized controlled trialPang, Y.; Molton, J.S. ; Ooi, W.T. ; Paton, N.I. ; He, H.-G. 
101-Jun-2021Stool metagenome analysis of patients with Klebsiella pneumoniae liver abscess and their domestic partnersMolton, James S. ; Lee, I. Russel; Bertrand, Denis; Ding, Ying; Kalimuddin, Shirin ; Lye, David C. ; Nagarajan, Niranjan ; Gan, Yunn-Hwen ; Archuleta, Sophia 
112019Sub-clinical abnormalities detected by PET/MRI in household tuberculosis contactsMolton, J.S ; Thomas, B.A; Pang, Y; Khor, L.K; Hallinan, J; Naftalin, C.M; Totman, J.J ; Townsend, D.W ; Lim, T.K ; Chee, C.B.E; Wang, Y.T; Paton, N.I