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Ariff, B.
Bongso, A.
Bongso, T.A.
Bongso, A.T.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12010A three dimensional anchorage independent In Vitro system for the prolonged growth of embryoid bodies to study cancer cell behaviour and anticancer agentsFong, C.-Y. ; Subramanian, A.; Biswas, A. ; Gauthaman, K. ; Choolani, M. ; Bongso, A. ; Chak, L.-L.; Tan, J.-H.; Chan, W.-K. 
21992Amniocentesis and its complicationsAnandakumar, C. ; Wong, Y.C. ; Annapoorna, V.; Arulkumaran, S. ; Chia, D.; Bongso, A. ; Ratnam, S.S. 
32004An efficient and safe xeno-free cryopreservation method for the storage of human embryonic stem cellsRichards, M. ; Fong, C.-Y. ; Tan, S.; Bongso, A. ; Chan, W.-K. 
41994An interesting case of intersex: Case reportYang, M.H.M. ; Bongso, A. ; Chong, S.M.; Ratnam, S.S. 
51997Analysis of cystic hygroma, ascitic, and pleural fluids by conventional lymphocyte culture and fluorescent in situ hybridizationGole, L.A. ; Anandakumar, C. ; Bongso, A. ; Chua, T.M.; Wong, Y.C. ; Ratnam, S.S. 
61996Behaviour of human embryos in vitro in the first 14 days: Blastocyst transfer and embryonic stem cell productionBongso, A. 
71999Benefits to human in vitro fertilization of transferring embryos after in vitro embryonic block: Alternatives to day-2 transfersBongso, A. ; Fong, C.-Y. ; Matther, J.; Ng, L.-C. ; Kumar, J. ; Ng, S.-C. 
82006Blastocyst culture for deriving human embryonic stem cells.Bongso, A. 
91998Blastocyst transfer after enzymatic treatment of the zona pellucida: Improving in-vitro fertilization and understanding implantationFong, C.-Y. ; Bongso, A. ; Ng, S.-C. ; Kumar, J. ; Ratnam, S. ; Trounson, A. 
101995Blastocyst transfer in human in vitro fertilization: The use of embryo co- cultureBongso, T.A. ; Fong, C.Y. ; Ng, S.C. ; Ratnam, S.S. 
111990Co-cultures: their relevance to assisted reproductionBongso, A. ; Ng, S.-C. ; Ratnam, S. 
121995Coculture techniques for blastocyst transfer and embryonic stem cell productionBongso, A. ; Fong, C.-Y. ; Ng, S.-C. ; Ratnam, S.S. 
131991Cocultures in human assisted reproduction: Support of embryos in vitro and their specificityBongso, A. ; Ng, S.C. ; Fong, C.Y. ; Mok, H.; Ng, P.L.; Ratnam, S.S. 
142010Comparative evaluation of different in vitro systems that stimulate germ cell differentiation in human embryonic stem cellsRichards, M.; Fong, C.-Y. ; Bongso, A. 
152001Comparative evaluation of fresh and washed human sperm cryopreserved in vapor and liquid phases of liquid nitrogenSaritha, K.R.; Bongso, A. 
162007Comparative evaluation of the effects of statins on human stem and cancer cells in vitroGauthaman, K. ; Richards, M. ; Bongso, A. ; Wong, J.
171993Comparative evaluation of three sperm-washing methods to improve sperm concentration and motility in frozen-thawed oligozoospermic and normozoospermic samplesBongso, A. ; Jarina, A.K.; Ho, J.; Ng, S.C. ; Ratnam, S.S. 
181999Comparative evaluation of two density gradient preparations for sperm separation for medically assisted conceptionChen, M.-J.; Bongso, A. 
192003Comparative Evaluation of Various Human Feeders for Prolonged Undifferentiated Growth of Human Embryonic Stem CellsRichards, M. ; Tan, S.; Fong, C.-Y. ; Biswas, A. ; Bongso, A. ; Chan, W.-K. 
202007Comparative growth behaviour and characterization of stem cells from human Wharton's jellyFong, C.-Y. ; Richards, M. ; Manasi, N.; Biswas, A. ; Bongso, A.