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Teo, Adrian Kee Keong
Teo, Adrian Kee Keong


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12020BCL-xL/BCL2L1 is a critical anti-apoptotic protein that promotes the survival of differentiating pancreatic cells from human pluripotent stem cellsLoo, L.S.W.; Soetedjo, A.A.P.; Lau, H.H.; Ng, N.H.J.; Ghosh, S.; Nguyen, L.; Krishnan, V.G.; Choi, H.; Roca, X.; Hoon, S.; Teo, A.K.K. 
22015Cellular stress drives pancreatic plasticityValdez, Ivan Achel; Teo, Adrian Kee Keong ; Kulkarni, Rohit N.
32018Heterogeneity and cell fate flux in single human pancreatic islet cellsNg, N.H.J; Teo, A.K.K 
42016Knowledge gaps in rodent pancreas biology: Taking human pluripotent stem cell-derived pancreatic beta cells into our own handsSantosa, M.M; Low, B.S.J; Pek, N.M.Q; Teo, A.K.K 
52018Metformin from mother to unborn child - Are there unwarranted effects?Nguyen L.; Chan S.-Y. ; Teo A.K.K. 
62018Single-cell analyses of human islet cells reveal de-differentiation signaturesTeo, A.K.K ; Lim, C.S ; Cheow, L.F ; Kin, T; Shapiro, J.A; Kang, N.-Y; Burkholder, W; Lau, H.H
7Oct-2020The type 2 diabetes gene product STARD10 is a phosphoinositide-binding protein that controls insulin secretory granule biogenesisCarrat, G.R.; Haythorne, E.; Tomas, A.; Haataja, L.; Müller, A.; Arvan, P.; Piunti, A.; Cheng, K.; Huang, M.; Pullen, T.J.; Georgiadou, E.; Stylianides, T.; Amirruddin, N.S.; Salem, V.; Distaso, W.; Cakebread, A.; Heesom, K.J.; Lewis, P.A.; Hodson, D.J.; Briant, L.J.; Fung, A.C.H.; Sessions, R.B.; Alpy, F.; Kong, A.P.S.; Benke, P.I. ; Torta, F. ; Teo, A.K.K. ; Leclerc, I.; Solimena, M.; Wigley, D.B.; Rutter, G.A.