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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Oct-2021Harnessing CURATE.AI for N-of-1 Optimization Analysis of Combination Therapy in Hypertension Patients: A Retrospective Case SeriesTruong, ATL; Tan, LWJ; Chew, KA; Villaraza, S; Siongco, P; Blasiak, A ; Chen, C; Ho, D
217-Aug-2022IDentif.AI-Omicron: Harnessing an AI-Derived and Disease-Agnostic Platform to Pinpoint Combinatorial Therapies for Clinically Actionable Anti-SARS-CoV-2 InterventionBlasiak, Agata ; Truong, Anh TL ; Wang, Peter; Hooi, Lissa ; Chye, De Hoe; Tan, Shi-Bei; You, Kui; Remus, Alexandria ; Allen, David Michael ; Chai, Louis Yi Ann ; Chan, Conrad EZ ; Lye, David CB ; Tan, Gek-Yen G; Seah, Shirley GK; Chow, Edward Kai-Hua ; Ho, Dean 
31-Dec-2020IDentif.AI: Rapidly optimizing combination therapy design against severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-Cov-2) with digital drug developmentBlasiak, Agata ; Lim, Jhin Jieh ; Seah, Shirley Gek Kheng; Kee, Theodore ; Remus, Alexandria ; Chye, De Hoe; Wong, Pui San; Hooi, Lissa ; Truong, Anh T. L. ; Le, Nguyen ; Chan, Conrad E. Z.; Desai, Rishi; Ding, Xianting; Hanson, Brendon J.; Chow, Edward Kai-Hua ; Ho, Dean 
42019Modulation of Neural Activity for Myelination in the Central Nervous SystemChoi, E.H.; Blasiak, A. ; Lee, J.; Yang, I.H.
52017Neuronal cell bodies remotely regulate axonal growth response to localized netrin-1 treatment via second messenger and DCC dynamicsBlasiak, A ; Kilinc, D; Lee, G.U
61-Apr-2021Peripheral sensory neurons promote angiogenesis in neurovascular models derived from hESCsKannan, Sathya; Lee, Marcus; Muthusamy, Senthilkumar ; Blasiak, Agata ; Sriram, Gopu ; Cao, Tong 
72017Subcellular electrical stimulation of neurons enhances the myelination of axons by oligodendrocytesLee H.U. ; Blasiak A. ; Agrawal D.R.; Loong D.T.B. ; Thakor N.V. ; All A.H. ; Ho J.S. ; Yang I.H. 
830-Jun-2022The IDentif.AI-x pandemic readiness platform: Rapid prioritization of optimized COVID-19 combination therapy regimens.Blasiak, Agata ; Truong, Anh TL ; Remus, Alexandria ; Hooi, Lissa ; Seah, Shirley Gek Kheng; Wang, Peter ; Chye, De Hoe; Lim, Angeline Pei Chiew; Ng, Kim Tien; Teo, Swee Teng ; Tan, Yee-Joo ; Allen, David Michael ; Chai, Louis Yi Ann ; Chng, Wee Joo ; Lin, Raymond TP; Lye, David CB ; Wong, John Eu-Li ; Tan, Gek-Yen Gladys; Chan, Conrad En Zuo; Chow, Edward Kai-Hua ; Ho, Dean 
91-May-2022Understanding the user: Patients' perception, needs, and concerns of health apps for chronic constipationLee, V Vien ; Vijayakumar, Smrithi ; Lau, Ni Yin ; Blasiak, Agata ; Siah, Kewin Tien Ho; Ho, Dean