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Wei Lin, Linda Tan


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12018Adequacy of public health communications on H7N9 and MERS in Singapore: Insights from a community based cross-sectional studyHou, Y ; Tan, Y.-R; Lim, W.Y; Lee, V ; Tan, L.W.L ; Chen, M.I.-C ; Yap, P
21-Jul-2022Advancing understanding of dietary and movement behaviours in an Asian population through real-time monitoring: Protocol of the Continuous Observations of Behavioural Risk Factors in Asia study (COBRA)Edney, Sarah Martine; Park, Su Hyun ; Tan, Linda ; Chua, Xin Hui ; Dickens, Borame Sue Lee ; Rebello, Salome A ; Petrunoff, Nick; Muller, Andre Matthias; Tan, Cheun Seng; Mueller-Riemenschneider, Falk ; van Dam, Rob M 
313-Apr-2020Association between self-reported eating rate, energy intake, and cardiovascular risk factors in a multi-ethnic asian populationTeo, P.S.; van Dam, R.M. ; Whitton, C. ; Tan, L.W.L. ; Forde, C.G. 
42020Cohort profile: the Singapore diabetic cohort studyLuo, M.; Tan, L.W.L. ; Sim, X. ; Ng, M.K.H. ; Van Dam, R. ; Tai, E.S. ; Chia, K.S. ; Tang, W.E.; Seah, D.E.; Venkataraman, K. 
52017Detection of viral respiratory pathogens in mild and severe acute respiratory infections in SingaporeJiang L. ; Lee V.J.M. ; Cui L.; Lin R. ; Tan C.L.; Tan L.W.L. ; Lim W.-Y. ; Leo Y.-S.; Low L.; Hibberd M.; Chen M.I.-C. 
62020Development and validation of the Rapid Positive Mental Health Instrument (R-PMHI) for measuring mental health outcomes in the populationVaingankar, J.A.; Abdin, E.; Van Dam, R.M. ; Chong, S.A.; Tan, L.W.L. ; Sambasivam, R.; Seow, E.; Chua, B.Y.; Wee, H.L. ; Lim, W.Y.; Subramaniam, M. 
721-Sep-2017Establishing multiple omics baselines for three Southeast Asian populations in the Singapore Integrative Omics StudySaw, Woei-Yuh ; Tantoso, Erwin; Begum, Husna ; Zhou, Lihan ; Zou, Ruiyang ; He, Cheng; Chan, Sze Ling ; Tan, Linda Wei-Lin ; Wong, Lai-Ping ; Xu, Wenting; Kyin, Don Moong Nwe ; Lim, Yenly; Li, Bowen; Pillai, Nisha Esakimuthu ; Peterson, Trevor A; Bielawny, Tomasz; Meikle, Peter J; Mundra, Piyushkumar A; Lim, Wei-Yen ; Luo, Ma; Chia, Kee-Seng ; Ong, Rick Twee-Hee ; Brunham, Liam R; Khor, Chiea-Chuen ; Too, Heng Phon ; Soong, Richie; Wenk, Markus R ; Little, Peter ; Teo, Yik-Ying 
813-Oct-2022Genome-centric analysis of short and long read metagenomes reveals uncharacterized microbiome diversity in Southeast AsiansGounot, Jean-Sebastien; Chia, Minghao; Bertrand, Denis; Saw, Woei-Yuh ; Ravikrishnan, Aarthi; Low, Adrian ; Ding, Yichen; Amanda, Ng Hui Qi; Tan, Linda Wei Lin ; Teo, Yik-Ying ; Seedorf, Henning ; Nagarajan, Niranjan 
91-Aug-2022Mutual Exclusion of <i>Methanobrevibacter</i> Species in the Human Gut Microbiota Facilitates Directed Cultivation of a <i>Candidatus</i> Methanobrevibacter Intestini RepresentativeLow, Adrian ; Lee, Jolie Kar Yi; Gounot, Jean-Sebastien; Ravikrishnan, Aarthi; Ding, Yichen; Saw, Woei-Yuh ; Tan, Linda Wei Lin ; Moong, Don Kyin Nwe; Teo, Yik Ying ; Nagarajan, Niranjan ; Seedorf, Henning 
102018Prevalence of and risk factors associated with latent tuberculosis in Singapore: A cross-sectional surveyYap, P.; Tan, K.H.X. ; Lim, W.Y. ; Barkham, T.; Tan, L.W.L. ; Chen, M.I.-C. ; Wang, Y.T.; Chee, C.B.E.
112018Psychometric properties and population norms of the positive mental health instrument in a representative multi-ethnic Asian populationVaingankar, J.A; Subramaniam, M ; Tan, L.W.L ; Abdin, E; Lim, W.Y; Wee, H.L ; Chong, S.A; Van Dam, R.M 
122020Sleep duration, sleep quality and physical activity, but not sedentary behaviour, are associated with positive mental health in a multi-ethnic asian population: A cross-sectional evaluationVaingankar, J.A.; Müller-Riemenschneider, F. ; Chu, A.H.Y. ; Subramaniam, M. ; Tan, L.W.L. ; Chong, S.A.; van Dam, R.M.