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Su Hyun Park


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11-Jul-2022Advancing understanding of dietary and movement behaviours in an Asian population through real-time monitoring: Protocol of the Continuous Observations of Behavioural Risk Factors in Asia study (COBRA)Edney, Sarah Martine; Park, Su Hyun ; Tan, Linda ; Chua, Xin Hui ; Dickens, Borame Sue Lee ; Rebello, Salome A ; Petrunoff, Nick; Muller, Andre Matthias; Tan, Cheun Seng; Mueller-Riemenschneider, Falk ; van Dam, Rob M 
22020Early Diagnosis and Management of Nitrogen Deficiency in Plants Utilizing Raman SpectroscopyHuang, C.H.; Singh, G.P.; Park, S.H. ; Chua, N.-H. ; Ram, R.J.; Park, B.S.
316-Oct-2020Ethnicity, Neighborhood and Individual Socioeconomic Status, and Obesity: The Singapore Multiethnic CohortPark, Su Hyun ; Nicolaou, Mary; Dickens, Borame Sue Lee ; Yang, Qianyu ; Tan, Ken Wei ; van Dam, Rob M 
42020Hookah use patterns, social influence and associated other substance use among a sample of New York City public university studentsEl Shahawy, O.; Park, S.H. ; Rogers, E.S.; Shearston, J.A.; Thompson, A.B.; Cooper, S.C.; Freudenberg, N.; Ball, S.A.; Abrams, D.; Shelley, D.; Sherman, S.E.
57-Feb-2021Oscrp1, a ribonucleoprotein gene, regulates chloroplast mrna stability that confers drought and cold toleranceBang, Seung Woon; Lee, Ho Suk; Park, Su-Hyun ; Lee, Dong-Keun; Seo, Jun Sung; Kim, Youn Shic; Park, Soo-Chul; Kim, Ju-Kon
619-Mar-2021The Rice GLYCINE-RICH PROTEIN 3 Confers Drought Tolerance by Regulating mRNA Stability of ROS Scavenging-Related GenesShim, Jae Sung; Park, Su-Hyun ; Lee, Dong-Keun; Kim, Youn Shic; Park, Soo-Chul; Redillas, Mark Christian Felipe R.; Seo, Jun Sung; Kim, Ju-Kon