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11-Apr-2021Assessing the impact of salt reduction initiatives on the chronic disease burden of SingaporeTan, Ken Wei ; Quaye, Sharon Esi Duoduwa ; Koo, Joel Ruihan ; Lim, Jue Tao ; Cook, Alex R. ; Dickens, Borame L. 
227-May-2021Estimating direct and spill-over impacts of political elections on COVID-19 transmission using synthetic control methodsLim, Jue Tao ; Maung, Kenwin; Tan, Sok Teng ; Ong, Suan Ee ; Lim, Jane Mingjie ; Koo, Joel Ruihan ; Sun, Haoyang ; Park, Minah ; Tan, Ken Wei ; Yoong, Joanne ; Cook, Alex R. ; Dickens, Borame Sue Lee 
31-Jan-2022Fine-scale estimation of effective reproduction numbers for dengue surveillanceOng, Janet; Soh, Stacy; Ho, Soon Hoe; Seah, Annabel; Dickens, Borame Sue ; Tan, Ken Wei ; Koo, Joel Ruihan ; Cook, Alex R ; Richards, Daniel R; Gaw, Leon Yan-Feng ; Ng, Lee Ching; Lim, Jue Tao 
415-Sep-2021Hyperendemicity associated with increased dengue burdenLim, Jue Tao ; Dickens, Borame Sue ; Tan, Ken Wei ; Koo, Joel Ruihan ; Seah, Annabel; Ho, Soon Hoe ; Ong, Janet; Rajarethinam, Jayanthi; Soh, Stacy; Cook, Alex R ; Ng, Lee Ching
51-May-2021Importance of Geospatial Heterogeneity in Chronic Disease Burden for Policy Planning in an Urban Setting Using a Case Study of SingaporeTan, Ken Wei ; Koo, Joel R ; Lim, Jue Tao ; Cook, Alex R ; Dickens, Borame L 
62020Incidence of breast cancer attributable to breast density, modifiable and non-modifiable breast cancer risk factors in SingaporeHo, P.J.; Lau, H.S.H.; Ho, W.K.; Wong, F.Y.; Yang, Q. ; Tan, K.W. ; Tan, M.-H.; Chay, W.Y.; Chia, K.S. ; Hartman, M. ; Li, J. 
71-May-2022Modelling the Impact of Mass Testing to Transition from Pandemic Mitigation to Endemic COVID-19Koo, Joel R ; Cook, Alex R ; Lim, Jue Tao ; Tan, Ken Wei ; Dickens, Borame L 
816-Mar-2020Projected burden of type 2 diabetes mellitus-related complications in Singapore until 2050: A Bayesian evidence synthesisTan, KW ; Dickens, BSL ; Cook, AR 
91-Jun-2022Strategies to Mitigate Establishment under the Wolbachia Incompatible Insect TechniqueSoh, Stacy; Ho, Soon Hoe; Ong, Janet; Seah, Annabel; Dickens, Borame Sue ; Tan, Ken Wei ; Koo, Joel Ruihan; Cook, Alex R ; Sim, Shuzhen; Tan, Cheong Huat ; Ng, Lee Ching; Lim, Jue Tao