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Amrita Srivathsan
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12019Availability of orchid mycorrhizal fungi on roadside trees in a tropical urban landscapeIzuddin, M.; Srivathsan, A. ; Lee, A.L. ; Yam, T.W.; Webb, E.L. 
22019Boosting natural history research via metagenomic clean-up of crowdsourced fecesSrivathsan, A. ; Nagarajan, N. ; Meier, R. 
310-Jun-2020Faecal DNA to the rescue: Shotgun sequencing of non-invasive samples reveals two subspecies of Southeast Asian primates to be Critically Endangered speciesAng, A.; Roesma, D.I.; Nijman, V.; Meier, R. ; Srivathsan, A. ; Rizaldi
42016Fecal metagenomics for the simultaneous assessment of diet, parasites, and population genetics of an understudied primateSrivathsan A. ; Ang A.; Vogler A.P.; Meier R. 
52020Gut Microbiomes of Endangered Przewalski’s Horse Populations in Short- and Long-Term Captivity: Implication for Species Reintroduction Based on the Soft-Release StrategyTang, L.; Li, Y.; Srivathsan, A. ; Gao, Y.; Li, K.; Hu, D.; Zhang, D.
61-Dec-2021Mangroves are an overlooked hotspot of insect diversity despite low plant diversityYeo, D ; Srivathsan, A ; Puniamoorthy, J ; Maosheng, F ; Grootaert, P; Chan, L; Guénard, B; Damken, C; Wahab, RA; Yuchen, A ; Meier, R 
72016Next-generation freshwater bioassessment: eDNA metabarcoding with a conserved metazoan primer reveals species-rich and reservoir-specific communitiesLim N.K.M.; Tay Y.C. ; Srivathsan A. ; Tan J.W.T.; Kwik J.T.B. ; Balo?lu B.; Meier R. ; Yeo D.C.J. 
829-Sep-2021ONTbarcoder and MinION barcodes aid biodiversity discovery and identification by everyone, for everyoneSrivathsan, Amrita ; Lee, Leshon; Katoh, Kazutaka; Hartop, Emily; Kutty, Sujatha Narayanan ; Wong, Johnathan ; Yeo, Darren ; Meier, Rudolf 
92019Rapid, large-scale species discovery in hyperdiverse taxa using 1D MinION sequencingSrivathsan, A. ; Hartop, E.; Puniamoorthy, J. ; Lee, W.T. ; Kutty, S.N. ; Kurina, O.; Meier, R.