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Rudolf, M.
Meier, R.

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1Aug-2013A phylogenetic analysis of Sciomyzidae (Diptera) and some related generaTóthová, A.; Rozkošný, R.; Knutson, L.; Kutty, S.N. ; Wiegmann, B.M.; Meier, R. 
2Jul-2013A plea for digital reference collections and other science-based digitization initiatives in taxonomy: Sepsidnet as exemplar: Digital reference collections such as SepsidnetAng, Y.; Puniamoorthy, J.; Pont, A.C.; Bartak, M.; Blanckenhorn, W.U.; Eberhard, W.G.; Puniamoorthy, N. ; Silva, V.C.; Munari, L.; Meier, R. 
3Dec-2012An update on DNA barcoding: Low species coverage and numerous unidentified sequencesKwong, S.; Srivathsan, A.; Meier, R. 
420-Jan-2012Barcoding and border biosecurity: Identifying cyprinid fishes in the aquarium tradeCollins, R.A.; Armstrong, K.F.; Meier, R. ; Yi, Y.; Brown, S.D.J.; Cruickshank, R.H.; Keeling, S.; Johnston, C.
52008Bending for love: Losses and gains of sexual dimorphisms are strictly correlated with changes in the mounting position of sepsid flies (Sepsidae: Diptera)Puniamoorthy, N. ; Su, K.F.-Y.; Meier, R. 
62016Beyond the coral triangle: High genetic diversity and near panmixia in Singapore’s populations of the broadcast spawning sea star Protoreaster nodosusTay Y.C. ; Chng M.W.P.; Sew W.W.G.; Rheindt F.E. ; Tun K.P.P.; Meier R. 
7Mar-2009Biodiversity Research Based on Taxonomic Revisions - A Tale of Unrealized OpportunitiesDikow, T.; Meier, R. ; Vaidya, G.G.; Londt, J.G.H.
8Apr-2005Combining molecular and morphological analyses of water strider phylogeny (Hemiptera-Heteroptera, Gerromorpha): Effects of alignment and taxon samplingDamgaard, J.; Andersen, N.M.; Meier, R. 
92018Comparative analysis reveals the complex role of histoblast nest size in the evolution of novel insect abdominal appendages in Sepsidae (Diptera) 06 Biological Sciences 0604 GeneticsMelicher, D; Su, K.F.Y ; Meier, R ; Bowsher, J.H
10Jan-2009Conflict, convergent evolution, and the relative importance of immature and adult characters in endopterygote phylogeneticsMeier, R. ; Lim, G.S.
1129-Jun-2020Contribution to understanding the evolution of holometaboly: Transformation of internal head structures during the metamorphosis in the green lacewing Chrysopa pallens (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae)Zhao, C; Ang, Y ; Wang, M; Gao, C; Zhang, K; Tang, C; Liu, X; Li, M; Yang, D; Meier, R 
12Jul-2007Convergent evolution of eye ultrastructure and divergent evolution of vision-mediated predatory behaviour in jumping spidersSu, K.F.; Meier, R. ; Jackson, R.R.; Harland, D.P.; Li, D. 
13Aug-2010Cryptic genetic diversity in " widespread" Southeast Asian bird species suggests that Philippine avian endemism is gravely underestimatedLohman, D.J. ; Ingram, K.K.; Prawiradilaga, D.M.; Winker, K.; Sheldon, F.H.; Moyle, R.G.; Ng, P.K.L. ; Ong, P.S.; Wang, L.K. ; Braile, T.M.; Astuti, D.; Meier, R. 
14Mar-2007Cryptic species as a window on diversity and conservationBickford, D. ; Lohman, D.J. ; Sodhi, N.S. ; Ng, P.K.L. ; Meier, R. ; Winker, K.; Ingram, K.K.; Das, I.
1511-Sep-2018Data from: Roads to isolation: similar genomic history patterns in two species of freshwater crabs with contrasting environmental tolerances and range sizesYwee Chieh Tay ; Daniel Jia Jun Ng; Jun Bin Loo; Danwei Huang ; Yixiong Cai ; Darren Chong Jinn Yeo ; Rudolf Meier 
16Apr-2013Deciphering the evolutionary history and developmental mechanisms of a complex sexual ornament: The abdominal appendages of sepsidae (Diptera)Bowsher, J.H.; Ang, Y.; Ferderer, T.; Meier, R. 
17Jan-2012Determining species boundaries in a world full of rarity: Singletons, species delimitation methodsLim, G.S.; Balke, M.; Meier, R. 
18Mar-2009Diptera diversity: Status, challenges and toolsPape, T.; Bickel, D.; Meier, R. 
19Mar-2009DNA barcoding and dna taxonomy in diptera: An assessment based on 4,261 coi sequences for 1,001 speciesMeier, R. ; Zhang, G.
201-Oct-2006DNA barcoding and taxonomy in diptera: A tale of high intraspecific variability and low identification successMeier, R. ; Shiyang, K.; Vaidya, G.; Ng, P.K.L.