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Huang Danwei
Huang, D.
Huang, Danwei
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1May-2013Anthropogenic extinction threats and future loss of evolutionary history in reef coralsHuang, D. ; Roy, K.
214-Nov-2008Assisted colonization won't help rare speciesHuang, D. 
32011Cleaning up the 'Bigmessidae': Molecular phylogeny of scleractinian corals from Faviidae, Merulinidae, Pectiniidae and TrachyphylliidaeHuang, D. ; Licuanan, W.Y.; Baird, A.H.; Fukami, H.
531-Jul-2019Complete mitochondrial genome of the sea star Archaster typicus (Asteroidea: Archasteridae)QUEK ZHENG BIN, RANDOLPH ; CHANG JIA JIN, MARC ; IP YIN CHEONG ; Huang Danwei 
611-Sep-2018Data from: Roads to isolation: similar genomic history patterns in two species of freshwater crabs with contrasting environmental tolerances and range sizesYwee Chieh Tay ; Daniel Jia Jun Ng; Jun Bin Loo; Danwei Huang ; Yixiong Cai ; Darren Chong Jinn Yeo ; Rudolf Meier 
71-Dec-2018DNA BARCODING OF TRADED SHARK FINS, MEAT AND MOBULID GILL PLATES IN SINGAPORE UNCOVERS NUMEROUS THREATENED SPECIESWainwright, Benjamin J ; Ip, Yin Cheong Aden; Neo, Mei Lin ; Chang, Jia Jin Marc ; Gan, Chester Zhikai; Clark-Shen, Naomi; Huang, Danwei ; Rao, Madhu 
831-Aug-2006Effects of shore height and visitor pressure on the diversity and distribution of four intertidal taxa at Labrador beach, SingaporeHuang, D. ; Todd, P.A. ; Chou, L.M. ; Ang, K.H.; Boon, P.Y.; Cheng, L.; Ling, H.; Lee, W.-J.
924-Jan-2019Evolution of the Caribbean subfamily Mussinae (Anthozoa: Scleractinia: Faviidae): transitions between solitary and colonial formsDanwei Huang 
10May-2009Field collection of Laevipilina hyalina McLean, 1979 from southern California, the most accessible living monoplacophoranWilson, N.G.; Huang, D. ; Goldstein, M.C.; Cha, H.; Giribet, G.; Rouse, G.W.
112015Fossils, phylogenies, and the challenge of preserving evolutionary history in the face of anthropogenic extinctionsHuang, Danwei ; Goldberg, Emma E; Roy, Kaustuv
12Aug-2011Inference of phylogenetic relationships within Fabriciidae (Sabellida, Annelida) using molecular and morphological dataHuang, D. ; Fitzhugh, K.; Rouse, G.W.
131-Jan-2018MOLECULAR AND ANATOMICAL ANALYSES REVEAL THAT PERONIA VERRUCULATA (GASTROPODA: ONCHIDIIDAE) IS A CRYPTIC SPECIES COMPLEXChang, Jia Jin Marc ; Tay, Ywee Chieh ; Ang, Hui Ping; Tun, Karenne Phyu Phyu; Chou, Loke Ming ; Meier, Rudolf ; Huang, Danwei 
14Jan-2009More evidence for pervasive paraphyly in scleractinian corals: Systematic study of Southeast Asian Faviidae (Cnidaria; Scleractinia) based on molecular and morphological dataHuang, D. ; Meier, R. ; Todd, P.A. ; Chou, L.M. 
1516-Apr-2007Movement and aggregation in the fluted giant clam (Tridacna squamosa L.)Huang, D. ; Todd, P.A. ; Guest, J.R.
16Feb-2008Slow mitochondrial COI sequence evolution at the base of the metazoan tree and its implications for DNA barcodingHuang, D. ; Meier, R. ; Todd, P.A. ; Chou, L.M. 
17Jan-2010Temporal Changes in Reef Community Structure at Bintan Island (Indonesia) Suggest Need for Integrated ManagementMing Chou, L. ; Huang, D. ; Tun, K.P.P. ; Kwik, J.T.B.; Chieh Tay, Y.; Seow, A.L. 
18Jun-2011The flightless marine midge Pontomyia (Diptera: Chironomidae): ecology, distribution, and molecular phylogenyHuang, D. ; Cheng, L.
192015The future of evolutionary diversity in reef coralsHuang Danwei ; Roy K.
2030-Mar-2012Threatened reef corals of the worldHuang, D.