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130-Aug-2021Biogeographic structure of fungal communities in seagrass Halophilia ovalis across the Malay PeninsulaZHENG BIN, RANDOLPH QUEK ; Geoffrey Zahn; LEE LI YING NICOLE ; Jillian Lean Sim Ooi; Jen Nie Lee; HUANG DANWEI ; BENJAMIN JOHN WAINWRIGHT 
221-Jun-2019Characterisation of coral-associated bacterial communities in an urbanised marine environment shows strong divergence over small geographic scalesWainwright B.J. ; Afiq-Rosli L. ; Zahn G.L.; Huang D. 
312-Sep-2019Characterization of fungal biodiversity and communities associated with the reef macroalga Sargassum ilicifolium reveals fungal community differentiation according to geographic locality and algal structureWainwright B.J. ; Bauman A.G. ; Zahn G.L.; PETER ALAN TODD ; Huang D. 
42020Distinct fungal communities associated with different organs of the mangrove Sonneratia alba in the Malay PeninsulaLee, N.L.Y.; Huang, D. ; Quek, Z.B.R. ; Lee, J.N.; Wainwright, B.J. 
51-Dec-2018DNA BARCODING OF TRADED SHARK FINS, MEAT AND MOBULID GILL PLATES IN SINGAPORE UNCOVERS NUMEROUS THREATENED SPECIESWainwright, Benjamin J ; Ip, Yin Cheong Aden; Neo, Mei Lin ; Chang, Jia Jin Marc ; Gan, Chester Zhikai; Clark-Shen, Naomi; Huang, Danwei ; Rao, Madhu 
62020Homogenization of endosymbiont communities hosted by equatorial corals during the 2016 mass bleaching eventJain, S.S.; Afiq-Rosli, L. ; Feldman, B.; Levy, O.; Phua, J.W. ; Wainwright, B.J. ; Huang, D. 
715-Aug-2020Host age is not a consistent predictor of coral-associated microbial diversityWainwright, Benjamin ; Zahn, Geoffrey; Lutfi, Afiq-Rosli ; Jani Thuaibah Isa Tanzil ; Huang, Danwei 
82019Mangrove-associated fungal communities are differentiated by geographic location and host structureLee, N.L.Y. ; Huang, D. ; Quek, Z.B.R. ; Lee, J.N.; Wainwright, B.J. 
927-Jul-2021The microbiome of the seagrass, Halophila ovalis: community structuring from plant parts to regional scalesBertrand Chengxiang Yan; Golam Rabbani; Nicole Li Ying Lee ; Jillian Lean Sim Ooi; Jen Nie Lee; Huang Danwei ; BENJAMIN JOHN WAINWRIGHT 
1012-Jul-2021The mycobiome of Pocillopora acuta in SingaporeGolam Rabbani; Huang Danwei ; BENJAMIN JOHN WAINWRIGHT