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Zeehan Jaafar
Jaafar, Z.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12019A low number of introduced marine species in the tropics: A case study from SingaporeWells, F.E.; Tan, K.S. ; Todd, P.A. ; Jaafar, Z. ; Yeo, D.C.J. 
24-Jul-2012A new Obliquogobius koumans, 1941 (Teleostei: Gobiidae) from Kumejima, Ryukyu Islands, JapanChen, I.-S.; Jaafar, Z. ; Shao, K.-T.
325-Mar-2008A new species of leaf fish, Nandus andrewi (Teleostei: Perciformes: Nandidae) from northeastern IndiaNg, H.H. ; Jaafar, Z. 
4428-Feb-2013A new species of mudskipper, Boleophthalmus Poti (teleostei: Gobiidae: Oxudercinae) from the gulf of papua, papua new guinea, and a key to the genusPolgar, G.; Jaafar, Z. ; Konstantinidis, P.
45Sep-2008A new species of mudskipper, periophthalmus takita (Teleostei: Gobiidae: Oxudercinae), from Australia, with a key to the genusJaafar, Z. ; Larson, H.K.
46Dec-2021A review of the diversity and impact of invasive non-native species in tropical marine ecosystemsAlidoost Salimi, Parisa; Creed, Joel C; Esch, Melanie M; Fenner, Douglas; Jaafar, Zeehan ; Levesque, Juan C; Montgomery, Anthony D; Alidoost Salimi, Mahsa; Edward, JK Patterson; Raj, K Diraviya; Sweet, Michael
47Jun-2022A review of the gobiid fish genus Aulopareia (Gobiidae: Gobiinae) with description of a new species from Kuwait and discussion of the status of Gobius cyanomos BleekerLARSON, HELEN K; JAAFAR, ZEEHAN 
48Feb-2022Abandoned, lost, or discarded fishing gear at urban coastlinesGajanur, Anya Roopa; Jaafar, Zeehan 
4929-Feb-2008An annotated checklist of the gobioid fishes of SingaporeLarson, H.K.; Jaafar, Z. ; Lim, K.K.P.
501-May-2020Assessing to Plan: Next Steps Towards Conservation Action for Threatened Fishes of the Sunda RegionZeehan Jaafar ; Lee, Caroline ; Gibson, Claudine; Tan, Heok Hui ; Ng, Heok Hee; Chua, Kenny WJ
1130-Oct-2021Biodiversity Record: A blue-ringed octopus off Pulau HantuRoopa Gajanur, Anya ; Jaafar, Zeehan ; Tan, Robert
12Oct-2013Cleaning symbiosis in an obligate goby-shrimp associationHou, Z.; Liew, J.; Jaafar, Z. 
131-Jan-2004Community structure of coastal fishes in relation to heavily impacted human modified habitatsJaafar, Z. ; Hajisamae, S.; Chou, L.M. ; Yatiman, Y.
142018Cryopreservation of Fish Spermatogonial Cells: The Future of Natural History CollectionsHagedorn, M.M; Daly, J.P; Carter, V.L; Cole, K.S; Jaafar, Z ; Lager, C.V.A; Parenti, L.R
15Jan-2022Effects of mesh size, fishing depth and season on the catch and discards of short mackerel Rastrelliger brachysoma gillnet fishery at the mouth of Pattani Bay, ThailandSoe, Kay Khine; Pradit, Siriporn; Jaafar, Zeehan ; Hajisamae, Sukree
162021Foraging ecology of the amphibious mudskipper Periophthalmus chrysospilos (Gobiiformes: Gobiidae).Dinh, Quang Minh; Nguyen, Ton Huu Duc; Lam, Tran Thi Huyen; Nguyen, Tien Thi Kieu; Tran, Giang Van; Jaafar, Zeehan 
1728-Feb-2009Geosesarma aedituens, a new terrestrial crab (Crustacea: Decapoda: Brachyura: Sesarmidae) from Bali, IndonesiaNaruse, T. ; Jaafar, Z. 
182012Misinformation and omission in science journalismJaafar, Z. ; Giam, X.
19May-2012Partner choice in Gobiid fish Myersina macrostoma living in association with the alpheid shrimp Alpheus rapaxJaafar, Z. ; Hou, Z.
20Apr-2009Periophthalmus variabilis (teleostei: Gobiidae: Oxudercinae), a valid species of mudskipper, and a re-diagnosis of Periophthalmus novemradiatusJaafar, Z. ; Perrig, M.; Chou, L.M.